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100 Artificial Intelligence startups to watch in 2021


Dataiku Image

Dataiku is a comprehensive data analysis platform that offers AI-powered computation and storage, for practical use by businesses, analysts or data scientists.

DataRobot Image

DataRobot provides a platform that makes data analysis and data science more cutting-edge and user-friendly, putting any business at the forefront of AI-powered tech.

AB Tasty Logo
AB Tasty

AB Tasty offers an innovative new platform, allowing A/B testing to be done much more quickly, with visibility and a user-friendly interface, and expert support staff. Logo provides AI-powered technology for in-home use, with voice-activated controls that can help you manage every aspect of home living, from music to home security. Logo has developed a cutting-edge platform for recording conversations, such as video conferences and lectures, with the ability to transcribe and take notes.

Graphcore Logo

Graphcore is a well-known company for AI-powered platforms, with the most innovative IPU technology, and is widely-used by companies looking to upgrade their systems.

Rasa Logo

Rasa is a top-rated company in the development of open source conversational AI, allowing for AI assistants to be created and trained for all manner of tasks.

Lilt Logo

Lilt offers the most innovative translation platform available, using AI-enhanced speed and efficiency with human ingenuity, to improve translation in a simple app.

Zymergen Logo

Zymergen is a company combining technology with biology, creating the most innovative products, from plastic-eating microbes to insect repellents, with organic chemistry.

DialPad Logo

DialPad is a new platform for AI-powered cloud communication, giving users the ability to converse online in any manner, and providing access to records of all info.

Lifebit Logo

Lifebit is an AI-powered medical research platform, providing innovative insights into drug safety development, vaccine research, and handles genomic data securely.

OthersideAI Logo

OthersideAI offers an AI-powered messaging and e-mail assistant, allowing you to generate long messages with keywords, allowing for monotonous e-mails to be sent quickly.

MixMode Logo

MixMode is a top-end cyber-security platform, with artificial intelligence that detects threats and automates alert prioritization, to save time in securing your network.

golden Logo

Golden’s platform uses AI to create databases based on topics you wish to look into, allowing you to save time when researching, with a fast and user-friendly setup.

Neptune Logo

For experiment research and management, has developed an AI-powered platform to log and provide easy access to all new information coming to you.

Peak Logo
Peak helps businesses and enterprises create AI-powered infrastructure, allowing them to unify data quickly, with an expert support team to assist them in the process.

Decibel Logo

Decibel offers an AI platform to score the customer experiences of your business, providing hidden insight into necessary modifications, and proven to improve business.

1Huddle Logo

Vise uses artificial intelligence to create personalized and customized portfolios, taking into account tax impact, and automates repetitive steps for efficiency.

Streetbees Logo

Streetbees is an innovative platform, harnessing the power of AI data analysis to provide the current consumer trends, allowing for the best market decisions to be made.

Insider Logo

Insider offers an AI-powered growth management platform, analyzing customer experience and data trends to provide the most thorough insights, and an expert support team.

Infermedica Logo

Infermedica is an online medical platform, using artificial intelligence and a preliminary diagnosis app to inform patients of the most efficient methods of care.

Ambyint Logo

Ambyint stays on the forefront of AI development, working tirelessly with energy companies making the switch to automation, to increase production and lower costs.

Verne Global  Logo
Verne Global

Verne Global is dedicated to improving deep drilling, using AI to calculate environmental risks and provide flexible insight into company workload management.

Hiretual Logo

Hiretual has developed an innovative AI-powered hiring platform, capable of selecting candidates from talent pools, without the human tendency toward hiring bias.

Codota Logo

Codota is a coder’s best friend, providing a platform with AI-powered code autocompletion, allowing you to automate debugging, and spend more time on what you want to do.

ripcord Logo

Ripcord assists enterprises in transitioning from paper to digital data, using robotics to prepare and scan every file in your office much faster than a human can.

oliveai Logo

Olive is an innovative AI-powered healthcare platform that provides a highly-visible interface, and a comprehensive workforce optimization system to prioritize tasks.

beyondlimits Logo
Beyond Limits

Beyond Limits provides artificial intelligence systems to efficiently manage high-value industries, analyzing data quickly and accurately for improved decision-making.

DefinedCrowd Logo

DefinedCrowd is a platform for AI training, allowing you to teach your AI-powered systems, for better identification, speech technology, and language processing.

RotaGeek Logo

RotaGeek is an AI-powered platform that improves the efficiency of workforce management teams, providing information and data that is normally unnoticed by companies.

Suki Logo

Suki is an AI assistant, designed for use by doctors, giving them the ability to record and manage patient scheduling and data, freeing up time for primary tasks.

Insurify  Logo

Insurify offers an innovative and user-friendly online insurance platform, using artificial intelligence algorithms to securely sort and match insurance quotes for users.

remesh  Logo

Remesh is an innovative AI-powered technology that enables business teams to live chat with their customers, with artificial intelligence handling the organizing tasks.

Aetion Logo

The Aetion Evidence Platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze the data of healthcare providers, and is used by some of the top biopharma firms for its efficiency.

RevLifter Logo

RevLifter is an AI-powered platform for online-shopping enterprises, providing specified incentives to customers to promote purchases and reduce cart abandonment.

HASH  Logo

HASH provides an advanced AI-powered platform that makes complex simulations more possible than ever before, making machines learn quickly, and with no set-up delay.


AMPLYFI is an AI-driven data analysis platform, rapidly sorting and prioritizing risk factors, and giving your team insights into the things other platforms miss.

Directly Logo

Directly is an AI-powered customer service platform, designed to reduce high volumes of calls, with decentralized on-demand teams for any form of inquiry or issue.

Pecan Logo

Pecan offers a business management platform enhanced with AI, for predictive analytics that will allow your company to make the most informed decisions quickly.

Tempo Logo

Tempo lets you upgrade your at-home gym with an innovative and user-friendly new technology, providing 3D sensors and AI that can correct your form and count reps. Logo is at the forefront of autonomous driving technology, developing safe and reliable AI pilot systems, calculated for the driving experience of the future.

  K Health  Logo
K Health

K Health provides a user-friendly app for medical issues and healthcare information, connecting you to a plethora of experienced doctors and team of informed help staff.

TypingDNA Logo

TypingDNA takes a new approach to user verification, identifying keystroke biometrics of clients to quickly and accurately recognize users by their typing patterns.

Verbit Logo

Verbit is a top-rated platform for all manner of transcription and captioning services, using AI-powered software to produce written records with 99% accuracy.

Iguazio Logo

Iguazio’s data science platform uses artificial intelligence to automate data analysis, and its scalability has already gained renown among big and small businesses.

Keelvar Logo

Keelvar’s advanced AI-powered platform allows for efficient and fast sourcing optimization, and automates processes to allow your team to focus on important tasks.

Signzy Logo

Signzy’s innovative AI-powered banking platform allows you to automate backend operations, making onboarding faster and hassle-free, as well as reducing costs.

Urbint Logo

Urbint is designed for infrastructure operators and field excavations, using AI-enhanced technology to target the biggest risks, reducing safety hazards in the workplace.

 Atlas AI Logo
Atlas AI

Atlas AI specializes in analysis and monitoring of economic data across Africa, using artificial intelligence to provide insight into agricultural trends and forecasts.

  Mya Systems Logo
Mya Systems

Mya Systems offers a platform for conversational AI recruiting, allowing a company to automate talent searches and engagement, so that recruiters can focus on hiring.

Paradox Logo

Paradox offers an innovative AI-driven recruiting platform with a conversational AI assistant, Olivia, which automates repetitive tasks to make hiring talent faster.

Biofourmis Logo

Biofourmis is a medical innovation for chronically ill patients, providing an AI-powered wearable biosensor that compares symptom data among patients to recognize risks.

Lunit Logo

Lunit makes cancer prevention and treatment their mission, developing AI-powered precision diagnostics to detect abnormalities more accurately than normal screenings.

Kobiton Logo

Kobiton provides a platform for testing mobile device apps, allowing you to check code for cross-platform issues quickly with AI-based automated scripts and tests.

Abridge Logo

Abridge is a user-friendly technology designed to assist patients on visits to the doctor, and taking records of conversations, either over the phone or in person.

Ezra AI Logo
Ezra AI

Ezra AI is a cancer research organization, using AI-driven MRI’s to detect abnormalities that other screenings often miss, with an expert and dedicated medical team.

Lily Logo
Lily Ai is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance customer experience, cataloguing their preferences and identifying products that match with their interests.

Capacity Logo

Capacity provides a user-friendly helpdesk that is powered by AI, automating repetitive tasks and questions to help customers and employees get the information they need.

Syntiant Logo

Syntiant offers cutting-edge innovative technology for always-on voice processors, making all voice-activated battery-powered devices more intelligent and user-friendly.

Sentinel Logo

Sentinel is a platform providing protection against deepfakes, with AI-based defense protocols to stay ahead of the most advanced tactics of information warfare.

EnsoData Logo

EnsoData offers a new efficient platform, Ensosleep, which uses artificial intelligence to catalogue data and save time in the study and research of sleep hygiene.

atta Logo

Booking flights online can be a nightmare, but Atta has a solution for this problem, using AI to predict and calculate availability in hotels, flights, and rentals.

Grid Logo
Grid AI

Grid AI is a cloud-based platform for machine learning, giving users the ability to record and test their experiments from a laptop, simply by logging in with GitHub.

Humley Logo

Humley offers an innovative conversational AI that is faster and more user-friendly than other chatbot systems, with a focus on customer experience and easy navigation.

Senso Logo offers a platform for financial institutions to better serve and retain customers, using AI-powered data analysis to make informed decisions more quickly.

SECURITI Logo provides an AI-based cyber-security platform can automate repetitive notification responses, freeing up your team to handle bigger risk factors.

Sift Healthcare  Logo
Sift Healthcare

Sift Healthcare is an AI-powered platform, helping healthcare providers better manage and analyze payments data, using cloud technology to organize systems holistically.

VertaAI Logo

VertaAI is a tech company focused on AI-based models, providing a management platform to automate the handling of infrastructure, so your team can focus on their work.

Arturo Logo

Arturo offers an AI-based system to calculate insurance, using enhanced aerial imaging to predict and calculate risks and inform insurance carriers accurately.

Slimmer Logo

Slimmer AI is providing AI-driven software to companies that deal with real-world problems, with technology that gets smarter with use, and top-level security systems.

1touch Logo deals with complete data discovery and recovery, using artificial intelligence systems to give you complete knowledge of at-risk data other platforms cannot.

 Shelf Engine  Logo
Shelf Engine

Shelf Engine is an innovative new AI-powered platform for efficiently automating grocery ordering, calculating all factors quickly, like purchase amounts and shelf life.

XtalPi Logo

XtalPi works with biotechnology, using artificial intelligence to enhance drug research and development rates, and automating time-consuming tasks for faster results.

D-ID Logo

Founded by leading experts in Israel, D-ID tackles the potential risks of facial recognition software, providing AI-based protection to protect the privacy of clients. Logo offers a new AI-powered platform, DispatchIQ, which automates the dispatch of technicians and resources appropriately, accomplishing the process in seconds.

FortressIQ Group Logo

FortressIQ is a comprehensive data analysis platform, powered by artificial intelligence that can give your management complete observability, for better decision-making.

Prodsight Logo

Prodsight provides an efficient way for businesses to handle customer feedback, with an AI-powered platform that automatically scans conversations for topics of interest.

Cogent Labs Logo
Cogent Labs

Cogent Labs is a tech company using AI-based technology to create products for language comprehension, accurate forecasting, and even handwriting recognition.

Hunters Logo

Hunters is an AI-driven cyber-security platform that recognizes advanced threats, and automates repetitive detection handling, so your team can respond more effectively.

Omilia Logo

Omilia has developed conversational AI software for improved customer service, praised for its user-friendly and comprehensive platform, and used by global enterprises.

Twaice Logo

Twaice is an engineering company that designs energy-efficient and high-performing battery systems, making devices more cost-effective for regular use in business.

BackboneAI Logo

BackboneAI offers artificial intelligence technology that processes data rapidly, automating tasks that eat up your data team’s time, and saving countless hours.

Replicant Logo

Replicant offers an autonomous AI-driven call center that is always available, offering intelligent and flexible support to customers, with enhanced conversational AI. Logo provides AI-powered technology to businesses, supporting them in the integration process, with a platform already used and respected by various enterprises.

Gaze Logo

Gaze’s advanced AI-powered platform is an innovative tool for any company looking to integrate visual recognition technology into their software and systems.

Elementary Robotics Logo
Elementary Robotics

Elementary Robotics designs innovative AI and robotic technology, developed by tech experts who want to change the way humans interact with automated workforces.

Concertio Logo

Concertio is an innovative new self-tuning AI platform, geared to intelligently optimize your system to the best performance settings, automating processes that eat time.

Ushur Logo

Ushur is a renowned AI-powered customer-service platform, with advanced conversational AI automates customer interactions, giving employees more time for other tasks.

SuperAnnotate Logo

SuperAnnotate provides an AI-powered platform with highly-rated algorithms for training AI to annotate data, and a team of experts to work alongside you in the process.

 Deci AI  Logo
Deci AI

Deci AI works with deep learning artificial intelligence technology, providing users with a platform that optimizes models, improving performance with easy integration.

 Deep Labs  Logo
Deep Labs

Deep Labs has developed a persona-based artificial intelligence platform for advanced cyber-security, providing full context-awareness of any online threat form.

Podcastle Logo

Podcastle is a unique and innovative platform, transferring news and articles into a podcast format, with AI-powered speech that sounds natural and interesting.

WhyLabs Logo

WhyLabs is a data management and analysis platform, using artificial intelligence to accurately monitor entire models, and is easily integrated into other systems.

LuneWave Logo

LuneWave develops top-end antenna and sensor technology, making innovative new devices for autonomous driving and lens-based antennas for satellite communication.

 Respeecher Logo

Respeecher is an innovative new platform allowing voice cloning, an invention that allows one person to speak in the voice of another, with AI-based technology.

Legion Logo

Legion offers an advanced AI-powered management platform, one that automates repetitive time-consuming tasks, leaving your management team free for more important work.

Scopio Labs  Logo
Scopio Labs

Scopio Labs is reinventing the way modern science uses microscopy, providing AI-enhanced methods to improve research speed, and is already heavily used in many fields.

AccelData Logo

AccelData has developed an innovative data observability platform that provides user-friendly control of a company’s data systems, speeding up and securing your system.

Neurosensum Logo

Neurosensum is a tech company based in Singapore and Indonesia, developing AI-powered software systems, with a focus on integration with international enterprises.

DataChat Logo

DataChat offers an advanced platform for conversational AI technology, providing all manner of clients with an intelligent AI system that humans can interact with.

Article: 100 Artificial Intelligence startups to watch in 2021


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