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‘Arana Security’ develops contactless 3-in-1 biometrics system for large events

Arana Security is introducing the Bio Wave 3-in-1 biometric access control application to provide efficient and COVID-safe access management for contractors and attendees of high-value, multi-day and multi-site events.

The UK-based systems integrator says the solution is developed in response to the surge in demand for contactless biometrics, with its cloud-based Bio Wave software providing touchless access control, time and attendance tracking and biometric payments through a single portal. Devices like Idemia’s MorphoWave Compact and VisionPass can be deployed to multiple locations within the same payment and access control system with the software, Arana says. The company also has partnerships with other leading biometrics providers, including SecuGen, and Iris ID.

“Our cutting-edge technology brings several elements of Biometric security control into one seamless application that will save companies time and money and allows visitors touchless, Covid compliant and hassle-free integrated admission into multiple venues,” says Arana Security Sales Director Ali Nasser.

Bio Wave enables events to offer visitors pre-event security clearance through an app or web link. Approved visitors log into their account on event entry to generate a time-stamped, encrypted QR code, which is scanned for touchless biometrics enrollment. The use of biometrics for access control can prevent fraudulent e-ticket sharing, Arana suggests.

“Whilst Biometric identification systems are relatively common, the unique added value of ‘Bio Wave’ comes from running it via cloud services,” Nasser adds. “This enables it to sync the record with the verification devices based at multiple locations. This will revolutionize multiple site entry management for Security Directors and offer a quick and efficient entry process for event attendees.

Article: Arana Security develops contactless 3-in-1 biometrics system for large events

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