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AI to be the driving force behind content and advertising

Authored by Shweta Tanwar Mukherjee, Entrepreneur & Content Creator, Founder, SociallKnot.

The Future of Advertising: Advertising was not what it is today ten years ago. Century back, there was no such thing as ‘social media’ . After the first industrial revolution, steam power, the second, electrical power, and the third, digitalization, we shall witness the fourth industrial revolution phase with artificial intelligence.

What lies ahead is a series of automated data-driven advertising and automated computation within the digitized world, and people will be the creative forces behind these machines, although in a more systematic way. What can we expect from the next advertising age, which is currently being tested for its capabilities?

The science and engineering of creating an intelligent machine. Fast forward to now, and technology has advanced to the point where AI appears to be within reach, thanks to important developments such as:

“Data is to AI what food is to humans,” says Big Data. With the introduction of new apps, social networks, and email marketing tools, the breadth of data collection has expanded.

Computing Power – Continuous advances in GPU computer capacity, ever-lowering costs for that power, and the introduction of cloud-based services have begun to democratize AI, increasing options for mass study and development.

Deep Learning – Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, both of which are critical to the advancement of AI. Machine Learning is concerned with teaching computers to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Synthetic Media Will Shape the Future of Content Creation and Advertising

The capabilities of AI-generated content have now progressed from text-based content generation to image-based and even audio-visual content generation. And if there is one entity that has made significant advances in this space, it has to be OpenAI. OpenAI released its GPT-3 Language Generator last year, which has proven to be useful in producing quick media forms such as press releases, technical manuals, and even more creative items such as fan fiction and poems. Developers are creating new techniques to generate material with maximum automation, which is already astounding.

Content development requires both creativity and automation. As AI-generative technologies emerge to aid the process, humans will continue to play a prominent role in content production. Advertisers, corporations, and individuals who work with AI will undoubtedly gain an advantage. Such creative ability is amplified enormously to develop pictures and even audio-visual content that conveys a situation or emotion. Text-to-music and text-to-video technologies are already in use and commercially available, allowing for more to be added to the development pipeline.

The Connection Between Content and Creativity

Emerging technology will constantly influence how we make content. And, with the use of certain algorithms and data analysis tools, AI has already infiltrated the sectors of content marketing and advertising, generating hyper-targeted, engaging content for clients. This allows advertisers to personalize each piece of marketing material based on who they are targeting. It not only ensures that communication is effective, but it also allows your brand to resonate with your audience, even if they have never heard of it before.

Synthetic Media is Here to Stay, from Content Creation to Content Marketing.

To summarize, the future of advertising with synthetic media appears to be quite promising for improving operations such as:

  1. Multimedia curation, creation, and distribution
  2. Creating tailored experiences for various consumers
  3. Using the passion economy instead of influencer marketing

With so much content available, businesses are currently striving to develop new methods to communicate. However, the solution lies in hyper-personalisation and revolutionary technologies that place every customer at the heart of your advertising campaign, all while democratizing ad creation with a reimagined content production pipeline.

Article: AI to be the driving force behind content and advertising

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