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AI tools to enhance in social media

Artificial intelligence has completely transformed the business environment. In this article, we’ll look at those changes as they pertain to social media management and marketing. We’ll then round things off with a list of some of the best tools on the market today.

Author: Milica Strugar, Content Writer of CyberCrew UK

SwissCognitive, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Bots, CDO, CIO, CI, Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning, IoT, Machine Learning, NLP, Robot, Virtual reality, learningThe rush is on to provide the best customer experience possible. Savvy businesses begin the journey before the client purchases anything. With clever strategies that incorporate , companies are creating memorable experiences. One area where has become extremely useful is social media. tools for social media streamline operations, increase revenue, and improve efficiency. In this post, we’ll look at why is so useful and how tools for social media might benefit your business.

What Is ?

Short for and covers a wide range of technologies. These include , , computer vision, and many more besides. The most basic definition is that helps computers run a series of tasks more efficiently than humans.

Some examples include accounting software that can analyze bank statements and assign any payments or expenses to the correct account. and Siri are other examples of how useful can be. Moreover, if you’ve ever wondered how Amazon seems to always make great recommendations for you, you have to thank.

Where comes into its own, however, is in the business world. moves beyond simple automation into the realm of analysis and predictive models. Machine learning has advanced to the point where it’s possible to analyze big data sets in minutes.

The program is then able to make inferences based on consumer behavior and make recommendations accordingly. More importantly, is capable of learning from its mistakes and improving its performance.

Why Is a Good Match for Social Media?

is a good match for social media marketing in particular for a few reasons:

  • Lower costs: Hey, I can automate labor-intensive tasks that add no value to your team. Instead of paying a full-time staffer to monitor your social media pages, you may enlist the help of . Your program is available 24/7 and never requires sick leave or overtime.
  • Increased revenue: can determine patterns that indicate that one piece of content is doing better than another. It can learn from this and tweak your strategy. may make recommendations on how to maximize your advertising budget.
  • Streaming and content creation: On social media, you’re only as good as your last post. Creating content consistently is essential but also difficult to do. With , it becomes a little easier. The Machine can use content that it curates from around the web or your records to create compelling copy.
  • Monitoring social pages and engaging with visitors: One downside of social media for businesses is that users expect instant answers. They don’t care about regular business hours. can monitor your pages and deal with simple queries immediately. For those questions it’s not equipped to answer, it can give the client a timeline for the response.
  • Matching the content with the platform: If you manage more than one social media page, adjusting your content for each format can be time-consuming. can take over this task as well. It can also help you scale up posts by amalgamating data about what worked in the past.
  • Providing insights into your followers: We all know that an excellent social media strategy incorporates keeping up to date with our followers and what is important to them. However, that’s a challenging task if you have thousands of followers. is capable of sifting through all that data and providing valuable insights.
  • Providing insights into trends and other brands: can identify patterns that indicate upcoming trends, help you improve your brand equity, and provide insight into competitive behavior.
  • Detecting copyright infringement and fake news: Social media is rife with fake news. Competitors, disgruntled employees, and people who don’t like your company may try to harm your reputation or emulate your success by misusing your branding. can detect instances where this has happened and alert you to them.
  • Recommendations from the platforms: The platforms like Facebook or Instagram will provide advice based on their -driven analytics.

Are You Ready to See the Tools Out There?

Understand the potential that has for ramping up your social media efforts; it’s time to examine the tools available. This is not an exhaustive list but will provide you with a starting point.

Your CRM Platform

Start by seeing what automated features your CRM platform offers you. You may have already had access to the social media tools that you need. If not, the company may provide plugins with some extras.


Chatbots are helpful pieces of software that allow you to manage your social media pages 24/7. It’s important, however, to ensure that your bot utilizes and understands natural language patterns. These bots can carry a conversation relatively well and will often pass as humans.
Some examples include:

  • HubSpot
  • LivePerson
  • Conversica
  • Drift

Considering that >34.7% of Facebook users spend one year and seven months of their lives on the channel, it makes sense for businesses to employ chatbots to stay up to date.

We’re sneaking this one in here because it’s technically more for email than social media. It’s still a handy tool and allows you to send personalized emails to subscribers. The system analyses the content that clients engage with the most and then includes that type of content in future messages. This makes the company almost look prescient and always on target.


When you think of social media, do you consider online review sites? Many people don’t, but they perform much the same function. Monitoring comments and replying to them may be even more critical than responding to comments on Facebook or Instagram.
Yext amalgamates all the reviews on your social media pages and review sites and then identifies issues that need immediate attention.


Pattern89 helps you to optimize your channel management, bids, and budget for all PPC advertising. The program looks at how you can improve your return on investment for marketing. It does so by analyzing consumer behavior and coming up with creative alternatives for campaigns that aren’t doing well.


Again, this is an email marketing tool, but you may apply the lessons that you’ve learned in social media as well. The tool teaches users to optimize subject lines in their emails to improve their open and conversion rates. You may use the same premise for social media ads.


Creating authentic relationships with users is the best way to build a community on social media. When you have thousands of followers, however, this is easier said than done. Persado addresses this challenge by creating personas for each customer segment. When someone engages on your page, a program answers them by using similar patterns and language. It also customizes content for your audience and works in your brand voice.


Lately creates many social media messages from the content you provide and analyses which work best.


Socialbakers allows you to identify influencers, analyze your audience, and manage your social media across different platforms.


Cortex analyzes which posts work best for your audience and identifies creative tips that will be effective.


Linkfluence detects consumer trends based on what people are talking about on social media.


WordStream helps you maximize your paid campaign spend on both Facebook and Instagram. It allows you to identify effective campaigns and tweak your existing ones.

Final Notes

Could be the best thing to hit social media ever? There are pros and cons. does make the production of fake news simpler, but it can also improve the user experience. There are more than 45 million active social media users in the UK so paying attention to UX is a must. Companies that use to identify trends and keenly target their advertising improve the user experience by providing relevant content. tools for social media can provide these companies with an edge.

Article: AI Tools for Social Media

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