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Amazon Using Social Distancing Technology to Warn Staffers Who Get Too Close. The technology that informs warehouse workers when they are getting too close to each other, a system that could subsequently be rolled out in airports and other venues


A video posted by an Amazon staffer shows him pointing out how a sensor is tracking the movement of employees via colored circles that form a 6 foot perimeter around each person.

When two people violate ‘social distancing’ the circle turns red and an alarm sounds.

“They gonna take a picture and make me get in trouble,” the employee states.

The technology is called “Distance Assistant” and according to the Verge, “Amazon also says it will be open-sourcing the technology, allowing other companies to quickly replicate and deploy these devices in a range of locations.”

As we highlighted back in October, Hitachi has developed similar technology, which includes cartoon fish swimming around inside the bubble. When the person violates social distancing, the fish escape.

The promo video brags that the technology “can even be deployed inside elevators” and Hitachi is “hoping to get the technology commercialized quickly.”

Given that numerous prominent people are insisting that social distancing and other coronavirus restrictions are here to say, it’s perfectly feasible to imagine a near future in which this technology is widely adopted.

China is already linking coronavirus rules to its onerous social credit score system, in addition to using AI to discipline its slave labor workforce, so the idea that people could be publicly shamed or punished for getting too close to others is a very real possibility.


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