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‘BMW’ introduces biometrics to its motorcycles for unlocking security

Owners of BMW’s motorcycles will soon be able to unlock their bikes with their faces just like their phones. The German automaker is introducing the iFace face biometric unlocking system to its motorcycle brand Motorrad.

The company acknowledged in an announcement that the BMW Motorrad Boxer models are highly popular not just among paying customers, but also among thieves.

BMW’s iFace offers facial authentication of the driver as well as an additional biometric iris scan. The technology is integrated into the screen of the motorcycle cockpit, the TFT display, and performs a 3D scan of the face with fringe projection. The 3D scan is illuminated with infrared light allowing facial recognition in the dark.

The iris scan allows for extra security and identification of the driver even while wearing a helmet. The system uses a special polarization filter that enables it to “see” through visors, glasses and contact lenses.

In the event of theft, BMW iFace will scan the thief’s face or eyes and report the incident to the police along with the vehicle’s geographic position.

Vehicles are becoming smarter in recent years as automakers and tech companies across the globe explore the use of biometrics. One example is the Genesis GV60, which is on sale with Face Connect biometric unlocking as an option, with deliveries planned for April, according to Sunday Times Driving.

The automotive biometrics market is forecast to reach $1.13 billion by 2025, according to a report by Market Research Future.

Article: BMW introduces biometrics to its motorcycles for unlocking security

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