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Boston Dynamics unveiled a new humanoid robot

Boston Dynamics unveiled Wednesday a new humanoid robot that creepily moves like no other robot has moved before.

The new fully electric Atlas robot represents a path to commercialization and a new generation of robots that will leave folks asking if this is the beginning of the ‘Skynet’ (Terminator) robot.

“This week we announced the retirement of our hydraulic Atlas and unveiled what comes next—a fully electric Atlas robot designed for real-world applications,” Boston Dynamics wrote in a press release.

Boston Dynamics posted a new video on X of the Atlas robot, jokingly saying, “We promise this is not a person in a bodysuit.”


Musk tweeted an image from the horror movie The Ring, referring to the iconic scene in which the character Samara emerges from the television in a scary crab-like fashion, at Boston Dynamics.

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