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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to give over $350 million more to Ukraine

While meeting with other G7 leaders in Elmaue, Germany, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to give over $350 million more to help Ukraine fend off Russia’s invasion.

A press release on the funding reveals that Canada will be paying out $200 million through its International Monetary Fund Administered Account to give Ukraine more flexibility on how to use the funds.

“Canada has already offered a $1 billion loan to Ukraine through the AA announced in Budget 2022 has already been disbursed. Canada has also fully disbursed a $500 million bilateral sovereign loan to Ukraine,” the press release said.

Trudeau also announced $75 million more to go towards humanitarian assistance for Ukraine and its neighbouring allies.

“Canada will provide a total of $75 million through partners including the United Nations, Red Cross and NGOs with specific allocations to be determined based on 2023 humanitarian appeals from the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross as well as up-to-date needs assessments,” it continued.

Other funding included $52 million in agricultural gear and mobile grain storage capacities, $15 million in de-mining equipment and $9.7 million to combat human rights violations.

“This funding will support experienced partners to scale up reporting on violations of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Ukraine, helping expose these violations and bring perpetrators to justice,” the statement read.

While at the G7 meeting, Trudeau also pledged alongside UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to continue supporting Ukrainians.

“It’s important that the world doesn’t lose its attention and focus over what’s happening in Ukraine, we must, and we will remain committed until Ukraine and democracy prevail,” said Trudeau.

During the meeting, both Trudeau and Boris quipped about Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the Canadian Prime Minister mocking Putin for his machismo persona.

“We all have to show that we’re tougher than Putin,” said Johnson.

“We’re going to get the bare-chested horseback riding display,” responded Trudeau.

Article: Trudeau to Send Another $350 Million to Ukraine

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