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Vancouver (U.S.) credit union to offer carbon footprint tracker for its ‘Visa’ credit cards

Vancity, a Vancouver-based credit union, is launching a program that will allow its Visa credit card holders to track the estimated carbon emissions of their purchases. The data offered will also track how their spending-linked emissions compare nationally and which purchases have the highest environmental cost.

The company further announced that,

The Carbon Counter will help Vancity card holders understand the carbon footprint of their purchases as well as provide advice on what they can do to reduce their emissions footprint.

The carbon calculator is being offered in partnership with ecolytiq, a climate-focused, German fintech company focused on “sustainable banking”.

Vancity announced it will be the first to offer a Visa-based carbon footprint calculator in Canada when the program becomes available next year.

Under the guise of reducing emissions and helping to save the planet, carbon-footprint trackers are the latest ruse to get people to buy into the idea that normal human behaviors are destroying the planet. For now, they are being introduced voluntarily; however, this may not last long as the ultimate goal is to utilize them to restrict what you can eat, where you can go, and what you can do.

Article: Vancouver credit union to offer carbon footprint tracker for its Visa credit cards 

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