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‘Climate change’ is a $100 trillion wealth transfer from the poor to the rich

I have repeatedly said that the Trilateral Commission’s original objective was to fleece the world by stealing all the resources. Many other astute thinkers have pierced the veil, like the authors of The Earth Brokers in 1994: “We see how, as a result of UNCED, the rich will get richer, the poor poorer, while more and more of the planet is destroyed in the process.” – Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

Posted By: Elizabeth Nickson via Substack

Predator or Prey?

This is the last in a series explaining our current unstable financial environment. Our economies have turned to conservation and de-development, which has been unrealistically financialized. The fix is easy. Walk this back. Because the moral stink will follow us for 100 years.

Ever asked yourself why 20 million have poured through the Southern border in the last three and a half years? Oh, I know, in search of economic freedom, oppression by their home governments, or oligarchs, drugs, death squads, crime etc. Same with Africa. But again, why do they risk so much to leave homelands that almost certainly, most of them love. The idea of ‘place’ is not an idea, it is a deep attachment, physical, emotional and sensate that trumps reason. You have to kill a lot of your natural self to leave, to risk your life and that of your children to escape to the cold grey north and never return. The fear alone would overwhelm all but the strongest.

They are leaving because they must.

But why now? It’s been bad forever. In South and Central America, between the descendants of the Conquistadors and the Commies, everyone has been ground beneath the heel of the oppressor for 20 generations. Because activist charities pay for these long trains of migrants? Because the left in Europe and Democrats have declared the border open?

No. Well yes, and no, those latter are just the mechanisms. And they have been deliberately constructed.

Mostly they are coming because Black Rock, the UN, the WEF are grabbing their lands, the more fertile the better, driving them from those lands and sticking them into tenement cities where they have to scratch like chickens for a living. Agenda 2030 is ravening under the radar in the US and Canada, where “civil society” in the pay of the government and environmental NGOs funded by oligarchs, is taking as much land and as many resources as possible out of the productive economy and shoving it into the land banks of BlackRock.

In the south, it’s not surreptitious. It is state policy to destroy their lives, to take their ancestral lands, whether it’s 40 acres or a half acre and leave them begging by the side of the road.

Climate Change is a complex financial mechanism which under the guise of “saving the planet”, is meant to save the predator class.

Which is not only morally bankrupt, but is dealing with a level of government and corporate debt that they know they cannot sustain. In the healthiest economy in the world, the US, all profits now are coming from either some mechanism of government subsidy – the $6 Trillion of the Covid catastrophe – or Collateralized Default Obligations. For instance right now Penguin is in court attempting to buy Random House. Why? Because they can borrow money to do that, buy back some of their stock and pay their shareholders. It will mean middle managers will lose their jobs, and marginal books will not be published, but the ravening maw of Jamie Diamond and Larry Fink will be satiated. For the moment. There is no other reason. Growth, real growth has stalled in every single enterprise.

This is how it works at the top of the class pyramid:

Last week on my island we were treated to the spectacle of well-heeled, highly educated, well-spoken older men and women arguing that the impoverished elderly, the young, and families starting out should not have housing because of climate change. Our island is 74 square miles with 10,000 residents. That means we have one resident per five acres.

Our government, the trust, had proposed the use of accessory buildings, brought up to code, for long-term rentals.

The extreme form of land conservation we practice has meant that housing prices have skyrocketed, so only the rich and the well-pensioned can afford to live here. A thousand or so working age people manage to make a living, generally via remote work.

Article: ‘Climate change’ is a $100 trillion wealth transfer from the poor to the rich 

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