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Cloud is the cornerstone for digitization

To continue to build on the success of digitization, organizations will need to embrace the true capability of cloud as well as allied technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Across the world, many organizations started their journey towards digital transformation in the second half of the last decade. Anecdotal observations suggest that with the outbreak of COVID-19, these early adopters were able to ensure business continuity within their organizations and continued to forge forward with sustained, and in some cases improved, employee productivity and/ or business growth. This response in face of an unprecedented crisis was almost testament of the business resilience that digital transformation can ensure.

The pandemic has been one of the biggest disruptors in the recent history with a multitude of industries pivoting their operations and jumping into the deep end of digitalization. ‘Pivot or perish’ became the mantra in face of the crisis and to respond to the immediate challenges, organizations prioritized digital enablement to find new and efficient ways of working remotely. The cloud-powered digitization ensured remote and secure access to business applications and data as well as collaborative equity amongst a geographically distributed workforce.

Next wave of hyper-digitalization

Cloud computing played a key role in helping organizations cope up with the pandemic last year and has now set the ground for the next wave of ‘hyper-digitalization’.

Digital Workplace

Digital enterprises were able to maintain employee productivity and operational efficiency throughout the pandemic that necessitated remote working on an unprecedented scale. A digital workplace helps sustain technology currency, offers consistent user experience for employees across devices and locations, and enables unbridled collaboration with a productivity boost.

Businesses will now need to adopt evolved digital and hybrid workplace models to enable comprehensive workforce transformation and improve operational efficiency to meet organizational goals. Organizations will need to make long-term investments in workplace transformation, reimagine business processes, and take cognizance of workplace insights to enable digital parity across the board.

Customer Experience

Organizations will also have to work towards offering superior customer experience in a remote or hybrid environment. In the recent past, the significant demographic shift has had a profound effect on customer behaviour. The digital natives and millennials have starkly different expectations from customers of previous generations –contextualized and relevant interactions are not a bonus, but a mainstream expectation.

Article: Cloud has been cornerstone for digitization

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