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Currency exchange kiosks with ‘Innovative Technology Ltd.’ face biometrics deployed across Europe

Currency exchange kiosks using facial recognition software developed by Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL)  to comply with daily transaction limits have rolled out to airports and travel hubs around Europe, according to a company announcement.

The kiosks were made by Swiss manufacturer Ecex Group, and integrate ITLs ICU Pro device for face biometrics capture, allowing quick and efficient currency exchange transactions, the partners say.

Limits to user transactions can be implemented according to the anti-money laundering rules of the country where the kiosk is installed, and users’ biometric data is stored locally for one day if the exchange is below a given threshold, to detect further transactions in the same time period.

“Currency exchange is a complicated process that requires responsibility and regulatory compliance from any services involved,” says ITL Biometrics Product Manager Dr. Andrew O’Brien. “We’re excited to partner with ECEX to enable a further level of compliance and customer security through ICU Pro. Our biometric technology has the ability to link customers’ transactions, and this approach also has exciting opportunities in Gaming, where we can help limit and protect customers from excessive gambling.”

The automated currency exchange (ACE) kiosks have been deployed to Geneva Airport in Switzerland, Billund Airport in Denmark, Boryspil International Airport in Ukraine, and the Hilton and Opera Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine.

“We chose ICU Pro for our facial recognition needs because we needed a solution that offered a quick, seamless, secure and – most importantly – compliant service for our customers. The ACE machines are intended to streamline the currency exchange process, and ICU Pro helped us to achieve that,” says Ecex Group AG Technology and Administrative Officer Hizii Denys.

“The big advantage is that any biometric data cannot be accessed because of the encryption inside the device, so there is no need for GDPR concerns. Our technology is unique and we haven’t found a similar analogous solution around the world, so we’re happy to be able to implement this feature with ICU Pro.”

ITL added demographics and targeted advertising capabilities to its MyCheckr age estimation technology earlier this year.

Article: Currency Exchange Kiosks with ITL Face Biometrics Deployed Across Europe

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