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‘Dell Technologies’ announces the ‘Dell AI Factory’ with ‘NVIDIA’, (AI) solution designed to address the complex needs of enterprises

Today, at the NVIDIA GTC conference, Dell Technologies announced the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA, the industry’s first end-to-end enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) solution designed to address the complex needs of enterprises seeking to leverage AI technologies.

From improving operational efficiency to driving innovation, AI has the power to transform business operations and outcomes. However, AI implementation within enterprises is a challenging task due to the need for:

    • Narrowing down vast possibilities into the most impactful use cases
    • Managing, preparing, ensuring security and governance of critical enterprise data
    • Providing the uncompromising performance required by AI applications
    • Sourcing the technical skills required to integrate point solutions
    • Ensuring appropriate and accurate responses

Recognizing this, many enterprises are on the hunt for comprehensive solutions that can simplify the process of deploying AI. The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA is a pioneering solution that integrates Dell’s leading compute, storage, networking, workstations and laptops, with NVIDIA’s advanced AI infrastructure and NVIDIA Enterprise AI software (which includes the new NIM microservice for optimized inference), all underpinned by NVIDIA’s high-speed Spectrum-X networking fabric.

Delivered as a fully integrated solution, it takes advantage of rack-level design, with rigorous testing and validation to deliver a seamless solution for transforming data into valuable insights and outcomes, specifically designed for enterprise data security and governance standards. As enterprises operate in a world where data is increasingly distributed across multiple locations, the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA supports deployment options across the entire enterprise landscape. In addition to integrated AI infrastructure for core datacenters, the solution includes support for edge deployments (utilizing Precision AI-ready workstations, NVIDIA AI Workbench and PowerEdge-XR servers) and cloud deployments through our growing cloud service provider ecosystem.

Built to Support Enterprise AI Use Cases

The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA supports a wide array of AI use cases and applications. It includes end-to-end validation to support the entire GenAI lifecycle from inferencing and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to model tuning and model development and training.

Industry-leading Professional Services

Organizations can also take advantage of industry-leading Professional Services to accelerate each organization’s AI transformation at every stage of its AI journey. Customers leverage Dell Services proven framework for getting started with strategy workshops, use case assessments, data preparation, and organizational readiness. Dell and NVIDIA bring technical expertise to assist organizations with their data center design, optimized AI software and data analysis to accelerate proofs of concepts and production implementations. Finally, experts can assist with model tuning, augmentation, data security and scaling AI operations. Employee experience services combined with training and certifications are available to address skill gaps while streamlining adoption of new AI tools and techniques.

Pay-as-you-go Flexibility

Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA solutions are also available through Dell APEX subscriptions, enabling enterprises to rapidly adopt AI solutions, bringing AI to enterprise data without extensive upfront investment. APEX subscriptions allow organizations to only pay for what they use, aligning financial and operational needs as technology evolves.

The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA is available now, offering enterprises a unique opportunity to harness the power of AI to drive innovation and achieve smarter, higher-value outcomes.

Collaborating on the Next Leap Forward for AI Performance

NVIDIA and Dell are also collaborating to bring a rack-scale, high-density liquid-cooled architecture based on the NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip for the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA. These systems will support the next generation of capability for data centers, including distributed, dense power—up to 100KWs per rack—and updated  racks providing the foundation for a step function leap in performance and density for enterprise AI factories.

With the Dell AI Factory, customers can leverage a consistent framework of solutions, software and strategies to create, launch, productize and scale their AI and generative AI workstreams for all their teams globally.

Dell Technologies and NVIDIA are committed to advancing AI technology and making it accessible to a broad range of enterprise use cases. Through this collaboration, businesses can look forward to unlocking new potential use cases and moving the business forward, thereby staying competitive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Article: Simplifying AI in the Enterprise: The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA

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