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Elon Musk warns world government will lead to “collapse” of civilization

During an appearance at the 2023 World Government Summit in United Arab Emirates, Elon Musk warned that any attempt to create a world government would lead to the “collapse” of human civilization. Musk made the comments virtually while addressing government officials at the event in Dubai. The SpaceX CEO cautioned that “too much cooperation between governments” creates a civilizational risk because it stifles diversity. Musk argued that throughout history major civilizations have been separated by distance so that when one went into decline, such as the Roman Empire, others were allowed to rise, such as Islam. In a globalized world, this is impossible and the world will forever be dependent on its weakest link, the Tesla founder asserted.

“We want to have some amount of civilizational diversity, such that if something goes wrong with one civilization, that the whole thing doesn’t collapse, and humanity keeps moving forward,” said Musk. Musk went on to stress the importance of preserving humanity because it “is like a tiny candle in a vast darkness, and a very vulnerable tiny candle that could easily be blown out.” The billionaire also mused on the question of extraterrestrial life, saying it appeared to be a “troubling” fact that there is no sign of aliens. “I have seen no evidence of alien technology or any alien life whatsoever. I think I’d know,” he stated, adding, “SpaceX – we do a lot. I don’t think anyone knows more about space than me, at least about space technology.” Musk’s warning about world government doesn’t appear to strike much of a chord with those still aggressively pursuing one. As we highlighted yesterday, WEF globalist Klaus Schwab called for elites to come together in order to “master” advanced technologies, warning them that if they don’t act swiftly the world could “escape our power.”

Article: Elon Musk warns world government will lead to “collapse” of civilization

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