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‘Elyctis’ launches smartphone tool for reading biometric ID documents

Elyctis has announced the expansion of its portfolio to include new hardware and software solutions designed to read biometric ID documents.

Dubbed ID BOX Tools, the latest product by the French company is a solution that allows firms to create Android apps capable of reading ICAO-compliant ID documents using a smartphone. To this end, ID BOX Tools comes with an SDK (Software Development Kit) for both application developers and systems integrators.

ICAO’s ID document standards specify the inclusion of biometric fingerprint templates and photos compatible with facial recognition systems.

According to Elyctis, the new solutions will allow the creation of apps for a variety of different ID verification scenarios.

These include Know Your Customer (KYC), enrollment procedures for various services, hotel and car rental check-in, citizen services, as well as border control and law enforcement applications.

From a technical standpoint, apps developed using the ID BOX Tools SDK use a smartphone’s camera to first read the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) of an ICAO-compliant ID document.

They then compare the extracted data with information obtained by scanning the document’s NFC chip, in order to verify the document holder’s identity.

“We have been expanding our offer since the inception of Elyctis: now, we are able to answer all ID reading needs with desktop, integrable, and portable readers as well as ID BOX Tools, our smartphone-based solution,” commented Elyctis CEO Alexandre Joly.

ID BOX Tools is already available on Elyctis’ website, and you can contact the team directly to have a look at a demonstration app built on the new SDK.

The new software tool goes to complement the company’s range of document scanners, which Elyctis has deployed in several countries and for different applications.

For instance, Elyctis’ ID BOX One biometric ID card readers were installed in various Senegalese healthcare facilities last December.

The company’s technology was also used by the Spanish police to identify suspects and in Russia to enable digital ID verification of users for banking purposes.


Artticle: Elyctis launches smartphone tool for reading biometric ID documents


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