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EU high representative for foreign affairs and security says fighting “disinformation” about Ukraine is “high priority”

The European Union is aligning with Ukraine in a discourse centered around navigating the realms of information, as articulated by Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

This conversation emerges in the expansive domain of the digital sphere, moving beyond the traditional frameworks of conflict. While information dynamics have always been a part of global interactions, the digital age introduces new facets to this domain.

During a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine-Ukrinform on Sunday, Borrell touched upon a reality: the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine also extend into the realm of information. Amid allegations of manipulative propaganda and disinformation campaigns, the essence of free dialogue finds itself ignored amidst a complex backdrop.

“We have to fight against disinformation. This is high priority for the European Union and Ukraine,” Borrell said.

The dialogue is being propelled by entities like the Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security. Borrell’s visit to this hub provided insights into the broader narrative of information dynamics. The discourse on information extends well beyond regional confines, reaching into global dialogues across continents like Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

“We have to fight against a twisted narrative,” Borrell added, noting that Russia applied similar tactics during the Cold War and more recently, during the annexation of Crimea.

“We have to win this battle because it’s not only about territory, it is about the minds of the people. And that’s why we have to build organizations and support entities like I just visited, the Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security,” he continued.

Artticle: EU Rep Says Fighting “Disinformation” About Ukraine is “High Priority”

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