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France Senate blocks Macron’s plan to enshrine climate change fight in constitution

The French Senate voted Monday against a government-sponsored bill that would add a climate clause to the French constitution. President Emmanuel Macron had promised a referendum to include environmental protection in the heart of French constitutional principles, but the bill needed to pass both the National Assembly and the Senate.

During the Senate debate, Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Morretti thanked the 150 members of the Citizen’s Convention for the Climate for proposing a constitutional bill to amend the first article of the French constitution. Under the proposed bill, the French constitution’s first article would be revised to state:

France is an indivisible, secular, democratic and social Republic. It ensures equality before the law of all citizens without distinction of origin, race or religion. It respects all beliefs. It guarantees the preservation of the environment and biological diversity and the fight against climate change. Its organization is decentralized.

The law promotes equal access of women and men to electoral mandates and elective functions, as well as to professional and social responsibilities.

However, as Dupond-Morretti noted, Senate members disagreed over two of the proposed bill’s words—specifically “guarantees” and “fight.” Thus, the Senate voted to amend the bill by replacing “guarantees the preservation of” with “preserves,” and replacing “the fight” with “acts.” Though the National Assembly compromised to replacing “fight,” it voted to keep “guarantees.” Still, the Senate voted to eliminate “guarantees.”

The National Assembly could have amended the bill to satisfy the Senate’s request, but French Prime Minister Jean Castex decided not to pursue the initiative. Castex said, “This vote, alas, puts an end to the process of amending the constitution, which we continue to believe is essential for our country. It’s deeply regrettable.”

Article: France Senate blocks Macron’s plan to enshrine climate change fight in constitution

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(UN General Assembly, 1948) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: 1. All human beings are free and equal 2. No discrimination 3. Right to life 4. No slavery 5. No torture and inhuman treatment 6. Same right to use law 7. Equal before the law 8. Right to be treated fair by court 9. No unfair detainment 10. Right to trial 11. Innocent until proved guilty 12. Right to privacy 13. Freedom to movement and residence 14. Right to asylum 15. Right to nationality 16. Rights to marry and have family 17. Right to own things 18. Freedom of thought and religion 19. Freedom of opinion and expression 20. Right to assemble 21. Right to democracy 22. Right to social security 23. Right to work 24. Right to rest and holiday 25. Right of social service 26. Right to education 27. Right of cultural and art 28. Freedom around the world 29. Subject to law 30. Human rights can’t be taken away