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‘Google Play Store’ will soon to reveal potential users of their apps and how they collect data

Google has announced that it will add a new Data safety section to apps in the Google Play Store in 2022 to help Android smartphone users better protect their personal data.
The new Data safety section will help developers with a transparent way to show potential users of their apps, if and how they collect data to share and protect user data before users install a new app on their devices.
At a glance, the section highlights what data an app collects and shares, as well as whether data is encrypted in transit, can be deleted, follows the Families policy, or has undergone independent review.
9to5Google reports that Google is rolling out a new Data safety form in the Google Play Console. By visiting the App content section in Play Console, developers can review, fill out and submit Google’s new form before users begin seeing the Data safety section in the Play Store beginning in February 2022.
If a developer’s information about their apps is approved, their store listing will automatically update with their data safety information. Google is targeting April 2022 for when “all your apps must have their Data safety section approved.”
However, if no information has been submitted or if it has been rejected, users will see “No information available” on an app’s Play Store listing. This may lead privacy-conscious users to avoid downloading an app in the first place which could hurt a developer’s sales or advertising revenue.

Article: Google Play Store will soon reveal how much information apps have about you

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