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Greece is rolling out a QR code digital ID wallet ( Wallet) as a substitute for physical copies of ID cards and driver’s licenses

“After entering the application environment, the citizen can with a few clicks create and save the digital copy of his ID and/or driving licence,” explains the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance.

“First, he chooses which document he wants to issue, and then he receives a one-time password via SMS, which he enters into the application. Immediately after, the document is created and saved in the application and in the wallet of the mobile phone.”

According to the Ministry, the authenticity of digital copies of people’s IDs is then verified using QR codes, which officials can scan at various offices and municipal buildings, as well as at the “entrance[s] to concerts, planes, etc.”

“After the citizen approves the check, a six-digit code appears on the screen of the application, which he must dictate or show to the checker, who in turn enters it on his own device.”

“After the process is complete, then and only then the digital copy data is displayed once and only on the controller’s device, without the ability to save.”

While it appears the wallet is only being used as a substitute for driver’s licenses and other basic ID cards, the government states that they intend to expand the wallet to be more all-encompassing.

“In the future, more documents are going to be added to the application, such as registration details, registration fee payment details, vehicle technical inspection (VOT) results and next inspection date, insurance details etc.,” writes the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance.

Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis also stated that the government is “creating a system for banks and telecom providers starting October 1, as well as for agencies requiring the user to show an ID. A digital trace will be created instead of copies of one’s ID, turning into digital proof something that has been a burden to provide in physical form.”

Article: Greece Rolls Out Digital ID Wallet

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