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‘Hikvision’ (Chinese video surveillance equipment company) has announced the availability of ‘HikCentral Professional’, a software that facilitates the remote monitoring of diverse, integrated physical security systems

Hikvision has announced the availability of HikCentral Professional, a software that facilitates the remote monitoring of diverse, integrated physical security systems, including its facial recognition technology, from a centralized platform.

According to an announcement by the company, HikCentral Professional comes with full video management system features which allow for user-friendly and seamless remote management across a multiplicity of sites, as well as other features to facilitate continuous operations.

John Xiao, vice president of Marketing at Hikvision USA said the centralized software provides users with a comprehensive management, control and analysis solution.

“HikCentral Professional is a truly integrated physical security platform. It combines the agility of a powerful video management system (VMS) and intelligent analytics with other mission critical security systems such as access control and video intercom systems to provide users with a comprehensive management, control and analysis solution,” said Xiao.

“HikCentral Professional provides security professionals with a comprehensive yet cost-effective solution that delivers advanced system integration, control and management to effectively improve physical security operations,” he added.

Some of the video management system features include visual tracking of individuals across the surveillance network, adaptive video display windows to customize administrators’ camera views, and map management of system devices with click to view capability and visual alarm identification. People counting, heat analysis and detection of personal articles such as hats, glasses, or certain colors of clothing are also included.

Apart from integrating with third-party control systems, which is said to be easy with Hikvision’s Optimus middleware solution, HikCentral Professional also boasts a comprehensive access control solution platform ready for smooth connection to the company’s extensive offering of access controllers and readers, and video intercom products, notes the announcement.

The new centralized control platform also has health monitoring features which include display of real-time system usage of CPU, RAM network speed and video streaming, and supports the simultaneous upgrading of firmware of multiple devices.

Hikvision recently announced updates to its integrated security system platform which include the addition of biometric access control authentication capabilities.

Article: Hikvision launches computer vision platform to centralize physical security operations

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