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Israel ask U.S. for additional $10 billion in military aid

Israel has asked the US for an additional $10 billion in military aid amid its onslaught in Gaza, The New York Times reported on Monday night.

The report said lawmakers in Congress are working with the White House to craft a spending package that will include military aid for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan and additional funds for border security.

It’s not clear how much the package will be worth, but previous media reports have said the White House was considering up to $100 billion for Ukraine alone to ensure the proxy war will be funded through the 2024 election.

The extra $10 billion for Israel would be on top of the $3.8 billion the US provides the country each year. The administration has expressed full-throated support for Israel’s campaign in Gaza and has already shipped new military equipment and deployed major firepower to the region, including two aircraft carrier strike groups.

The US began providing Taiwan with military aid this year, an unprecedented step in the era of normalized US-China relations. Lumping in Taiwan aid as part of a spending package to fund two hot wars in Ukraine and Gaza will be viewed as a major provocation in Beijing.

Article: Israel ask U.S. for additional $10 billion in military aid 

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