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Israeli strike on hospital kills hundreds

The Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital not only treated the many wounded in Gaza, it also sheltered people ordered by Israel to flee the north to “save themselves”. Thousands of children, women and the elderly believed they would be safe.

But an Israeli air attack shattered that notion, killing at least 500 people and wounding hundreds more in what is widely being described as a massacre. The hospital was engulfed in flames with mutilated bodies scattered among the destruction – many of the victims little kids.

Al Jazeera’s digital investigative unit has pinpointed the exact moment of the deadly attack through video analysis.

The fallout from the air strike continues, with dozens of demonstrations in the region. Protests outside Israeli, US and French embassies immediately erupted in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia.

A summit with the leaders of the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, and Jordan – including US President Biden – set for Wednesday was cancelled. Biden, meanwhile, still plans to visit Israel as it threatens an all-out ground invasion of Gaza.

And messages from Israel’s regional foes Iran and the Lebanon-based armed group Hezbollah promising “a response” if the carnage in Gaza is not immediately stopped continue to reverberate around the Middle East.

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