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Kuwaitis urged to complete mandatory biometrics registration by June

Kuwaitis have been given three months to complete mandatory fingerprinting for the country’s central biometric database.

The final countdown for registering the biometric data starts on March 1st and will continue until June 1st. After that deadline, citizens and residents who fail to complete the registration will face a suspension of all transactions with Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior, the agency warned in a statement on Twitter.

The initiative is a part of Kuwait’s efforts to modernize security and improve access to public services with the help of a planned digital identity. Authorities have been rushing to complete the fingerprinting by installing biometric scanners at malls and opening new registration centers.

The country reached a milestone in August 2023, with over one million residents submitting their biometrics. Biometric data collection has also been made mandatory for all people entering the country.

To complete the task by June, fingerprinting centers have been opened on all border crossings, Kuwait International Airport, and designated commercial complexes, according to Khaleej Times. Kuwaitis can also book an appointment through Sahel, an application that provides services from government agencies.

Article: Kuwaitis urged to complete mandatory biometrics registration by June

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