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Global aviation group ‘Lufthansa’ has recently integrated travel technology company ‘Amadeus’ to build digital health pass checks into its systems

Global aviation group Lufthansa has recently integrated Amadeus’ Traveler ID for Safe Travel solution to build digital health pass checks into its systems.

The partnership will initially allow travelers to check-in online for roughly 2,000 weekly flights from non-risk Schengen areas, using Amadeus’ technology, and also allow Lufthansa staff to check health documentation with the Amadeus Airport Companion App.

From a technical standpoint, the Traveler ID for Safe Travel solution can process QR Codes from digital health passes like the European Union Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC) program. This enables travelers to scan their proof of vaccination or required test results to travel during the mobile check-in process.

“By allowing a self-service check-in experience to take place once more, this innovative health verification technology helps enable a smooth passenger journey,” said Christian Warneck, VP of Safe Travel Ecosystem at Amadeus.

As part of the Lufthansa partnership, Amadeus has also confirmed that the Traveler ID for Safe Travel solution is now fully integrated with German medical testing services firm and Lufthansa partner Centogene. The move allows travelers who have booked their COVID tests via Centogene to scan a QR code as they check-in through the airline app and have their results immediately processed by Amadeus.

“Through our Safe Travel Ecosystem, we are working relentlessly with our customers and partners such as Lufthansa and Centogene to remove friction from the passenger journey and support the recovery of travel,” Warneck added.

Moreover, Lufthansa’s airport staff will also have access to the Airport Companion App, allowing them to scan passenger’s boarding passes through an iPad.

Amadeus’ Traveler ID for Safe Travel also integrates with IBM’s Digital Health Pass and is currently used by eleven airlines, with more planned to be added to the list in the coming months.

Article: Amadeus signs up Lufthansa for digital health pass integration

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