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Moscow Metro introduces new biometric payment method

The Moscow Metro is testing a new biometric payment method.

Passengers can link their biometrics to the Moscow Resident Social Card, a personalized plastic card issued to select Moscow citizens, used for identification and accessing municipal infrastructure, transport, banking and medical services. Over five million people use the card, according to January data. After linking their biometric information and bank information to the Moscow Metro app, users can pass through the turnstiles designated for biometrics with a special sticker, without reaching for their card.

Maksim Liksutov, Moscow’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, said in a statement that the app has a banking level of protection while all data is encrypted.

“We have 100 passengers helping us in testing. Anyone will be able to use the new function,” he says “The passenger decides whether or not to use biometrics. It is important that the system is a completely Russian development.”

The Moscow Metro already has one biometric payment system in place, called Face Pay. In May, Face Pay reached 320,000 users, with the total number of users expected to reach 500,000 by the end of the year.

The subway system made headlines this year for its biometric surveillance system Sfera, which is used to track activists and members of the opposition.

Article: Moscow Metro introduces new biometric payment method

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