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Safety concerns raised over nanotechnology derived graphene used in facemasks

Experts have raised concerns over and warned of probable ‘early pulmonary toxicity’ related to Nanotechnology derived Graphene used in the manufacturing of facemasks which makes safety checks and balances seriously questionable.

Safety Concerns Raised Over Nanotechnology Derived Graphene Used In Facemasks

Facemasks are supposed to protect us, not to expose us to the greater danger of toxic chemicals or materials.

Radio Canada disclosed that locals of Quebec and Ottawa were being told not to use facemasks that contain specific type of Graphene as these masks could probably be harmful.

Graphene is a form of carbon that contains nanoscopically thin flakes of hexagonally-arranged carbon atoms.  The material can be beneficial and it is able to kill bacteria and viruses when they are exposed to it.

Though it has many beneficial properties, but scientific jury raises question against safety of this material.

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