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Net Zero plan: U.K.’s MPs warn – as they suggest government policy should be for “people not to have cars”

Net Zero goals to turn the electricity system green risk the lights going off, MPs on the powerful Public Accounts Committee have warned, as they suggest that Government policy should be for “people not to have cars”. The Telegraph has the story.

The Government wants the electricity system to be fully green by 2035 by boosting wind, solar and nuclear power to end reliance on coal and gas.

But MPs on the powerful Public Accounts Committee have cast doubt on the credibility of the plans, and called on the Government to come clean on costs to households.

Despite the ambitious push for renewable power over the last decade, around 40% of the U.K.’s electricity is produced with gas. The country is only at 25% of the necessary capacity for nuclear, solar and offshore wind to hit the 2035 target.

“There are just 12 years left for the Government to meet its low carbon energy target, and much still to do if this is to be achieved – and at a cost the taxpayers and bill payers can bear while ensuring the lights stay on,” Dame Meg Hillier, the Chair of the committee, said.

The report said the committee was “sceptical that the Government’s plans for expanding nuclear, solar and wind power are credible.”

The Government is also failing to take into consideration the full potential for electricity needs to grow to meet the demand for technology such as electric vehicles and air conditioning, Dame Meg said. As a result the Government may need to step in to nudge people to change their behaviour such as reduce car use, she said.

“We’re going to have new demand in electric vehicles while we’re still trying to ramp up on green technologies to meet the capacity. Is that capacity enough to meet the new demands?” said Dame Meg.

She added: “Going electric is all very green and clean, until we have too many people going electric.”

“Maybe we just encourage people not to have cars and that could be Government policy.”

Worth reading in full.

Article: Net Zero Plan is “Not Credible” and Risks Lights Going Out, MPs Warn – as They Suggest Government Policy Should Be for “People Not to Have Cars”

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