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‘PayByFace’ expands across European markets

The Amsterdam-based biometric payment processing startup PayByFace has announced agreements to expand into several European markets including Netherlands, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Romania and Bulgaria.

Customers can make purchases by adding their payment method to a digital wallet that they can access by submitting a face scan at the point of sale. PayByFace uses a decentralized architecture and can authenticate in less than one second.

“PayByFace enables its eWallet users to actively transform the shopping experience with personalized attention… Those 5 to 10 second interactions can be meaningful if dedicated to the client and not to the process,” says Mike Draghici, Founder and CEO of PayByFace.

PayByFace has built the platform based on the Architecture Reference Framework in anticipation of the EUDI Wallet Reference Implementation that will be set into motion in Q2 of 2026. The platform will be interoperable based on the standards set out by the European Union.

PayByFace expanded into South Africa, India, UAE, and the US in 2022, but GDPR compliance adds a unique element to European expansion.

“As a pioneer EU fintech start-up, among the very few validated global biometric solutions, PayByFace strives to enable global movement towards a cashless and cardless society, using face as a highly secured virtual card,” says Draghici.

“This is a significant milestone in the company’s journey to both enable and scale biometric technology adoption in our commitment to simplify the future of check-out interactions, while remaining fully GDPR compliant with the EU regulation,” he continues.

PayByFace has also announced that Ryan Zanchetta will serve as Chief Growth Officer, bringing with him 20 years of generating leads for international B2B opportunities.

Article: PayByFace expands across European markets

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