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Online banking giant ‘Paypal’ has reportedly banned a conservative journalist from having an account, and he claims it is for political reasons

Ian Miles Cheong who reports for The Post Millenial, made the claims on Twitter, noting “PayPal just informed me that they have permanently banned my account.”

“The supervisor was extremely rude and implied that it had everything to do with my politics,” Cheong added.

The journalist further stated that Paypal “wouldn’t let me know which rule I broke or how, gave me a lecture instead on how journalists don’t reveal sources.”

He continued, “When I pressed them on whether it was my politics they seemed to imply that it was—the guy was really rude—and commented that ‘on issues regarding politics, PayPal remains neutral.’”

Cheong says Paypal also will not release his funds for 6 months.

Full article: Paypal Permanently Bans Another Conservative Journalist From Having An Account

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