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Polish farmers stage 600 protests in a day against EU crippling green policies

Farmers in the EU get Technocracy, and they are fighting for their lives and livelihoods: “We cannot live; we are being strangled.” Meanwhile, stupid and apathetic Americans turn a blind eye as the freight train of Technocracy is about to hit them head-on.

These farmers are taking to the streets by tens of thousands all over Europe. As they are sprayed with tear gas, protesters in Belgium sprayed the police with LIQUID MANURE.

Yet, for all of their effort to be heard, EU Technocrats could care less because “the science as spoken”, food is irrelevant, and farmers are irrelevant. The end of this will be famine in Europe and elsewhere, as the same policies are levied on farmers worldwide. — Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

One of the great things about the great European Farmers’ revolt is its relentless character.

Hardly a day passes by without some group of hard-working people from some European country getting in the face of authorities, media, and society with their urgent plight.

Long gone are the days when the MSM tried so hard to present the agricultural fight as mere ‘demands for more subsidy’.

Today everyone understands that the escalating protests are against the failed, crippling EU environmental regulations that threaten the very existence of the food producers.

In the case of the Polish farmers there is another specific demand against cheap, unregulated food imports from neighboring Ukraine.

After the epic general strike about two weeks ago, the Polish farmers are out in force again, this time not concentrated as an army, but peppered around the country in around 600 different protests.

The farmers again blocked roads with tractors and flares, and took their message to the whole wide world.

Reuters reported:

“Placards depicted a farmer swinging from a gallows next to wind farms and an EU-emblazoned executioner with the words: ‘Green Deal equals death of Polish agriculture’.”

Farmers are blocking ways into the capital. Tractors line the roads, mounted with Polish flags.

“Polish police said they knew of more than 580 protests planned for Wednesday, with an estimated participation of 70,000 people.

Full article: Polish farmers stage 600 protests in a day against eu crippling green policies 

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