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Power control pyramid in a techno-human society


Power in ‘technociety’ means control – the ability to do or be, or to have others do or be, whatever you want. An elaborate international power hierarchy has been cultivated over millennia, providing the means for policy to be set, processed, and carried out top down.

Suggested is that most major chaos – war, poverty, illness, planetary abuse, and so on – particularly in technologically obsessed Western civilization – has been deliberately induced. An apparatus was created for sending ‘technociety’ on its way, then gradually manipulating its development as a control system, more or less in disguise.

There were a number of ‘cradles’ of ancient civilization (allegedly developing independently), generally characterized by the development of artificial, complex urban environments — Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, China, Mexico, and Peru. The ‘cradle’ of Western ‘Civilization’ is considered to have been Athens/Greece, especially manifesting as philosophy and science. But techno-obsession flowered most prominently in the Western Euro iteration.

Manipulation has been subtle. Developments seem spontaneous, good, normal, natural, the way things must be, and so on, but are aspects of a program, or perceptual prison, facilitating and increasing control, leading ultimately to global tyranny – but with a techno-twist.

In these times, chaos is often attributed to corporate and/or government/security/intelligence operations; a hidden network within governments often called the Deep State; to big banks; to a ‘cartel’ of technocracy-wielding oligarchs – or to all at once.

For others, it’s thought to be dictated from a level beyond those more ‘visible’ entities, orchestrating them. One argument against this view is doubt that any group could have such broad capability. Another is that everyone involved would have to be ‘in on it’ – too many for all to be gullible or willing at once, and to control and prevent exposure. These objections are misguided.

There is insistence no large-scale, self-interested, injurious influence exists at all, and that society proceeds unmolested – oh, maybe minor conspiracies, but certainly not massive. Those who ‘get’ the orchestration principle are usually looking at the behavioral history and MO of a coterie variously called the Elite, Power Elite, Illuminati, Ruling Class, Financial Elite, Globalists and so on. These terms hold different meanings and connotations for people.

Generally speaking, those who flatly dismiss the ‘umbrella’ conspiracy may not have consulted a considerable body of research to see how it works. It appears to be of ancient origin, directing developments opportunistically woven into society over time in multiple interconnected venues and on various levels. Done in a coordinated way, the process confers extraordinary influence and control.

The power structure allows a relative few to dominate the many – the vast majority of whom are not ‘in on it,’ and who even unwittingly exert mutual control with the pressure of ‘norms’ and ‘what everyone knows.’ In any case, it would seem wise to keep an open and active question about the existence, nature and depth of Power’s manipulations – macro and micro.

In the orchestration scenario entertained here, two terms are used interchangeably: Power and Elite. Research suggests royal/aristocratic, oligarchic family bloodlines whose genealogies are traceable to antiquity. Yet, there is evidence of a level of Power out of sight.

Several tactics combine to create, one way or another, a mind trap that advances the global control-system Agenda, the spawn of psychopathic mentality. Here are five:

1) Above all, create deceptions in wider society about who, what, and where humans are;

2) Introduce chaos/problems, the proffered ‘solutions’ to which advance the Agenda;

3) Create or/and infiltrate organizational and technological ‘constructs’ that seem spontaneous, good, necessary, and so on, but that control/enslave in some way;

4) Infiltrate governments/agencies and key organizations using operatives conditioned in family upbringing and in the inner circles of a global network of secret societies;

5) Introduce/nurture disparate beliefs, belief systems and identities, which facilitate divide-and-conquer, e.g., ’isms’ and ‘wings’ of political parties under Elite influence.

A highly significant construct is advanced technology – that is, powered by steam, petro or electric, or any combination. Other constructs include institutionalized government (IG) per se – all forms, religions, and legal systems. Perhaps most treacherous: private banking. Like chess pieces, nations are played in concert with, and against, each other (mainly via #4).

Individually and collectively, the tactics render the masses more easily influenced/controlled, and led into ways of life designed to increase and solidify Elite power, control and wealth.

Viewing official history through the Power ‘lens’ can help reveal deceptions – which sometimes come in ‘layers.’ For example, many activists believe America was once free, now isn’t, and that we must “take America back.”

But what if that Elite construct – IG – sounded good on paper (with key flaws), but wasn’t intended to, and never did, work that way ‘on the ground,’ being easily infiltrated and manipulated. You can’t ‘take back’ what existed only as induced belief.

A contrived departure from instinctive matriarchal/tribal organization and spoken traditions, IG is a distortion intended to be corrupted. In capitalist systems, it’s ’sold’ by exploiting acquisitiveness, conditioned beliefs, and by managing pop-history. Exposing overlaid corruptions and ‘busting’ perpetrators, but leaving the fundamental framework, readies the process again.

The principal advanced, dire technological threats to planet, health and liberty include microwave radiation and wireless telecom/WFi systems, nanotech and Artificial Intelligence. The Smartphone is the essential interconnector, between nanotech in touch with brain function (perhaps body) and AI orchestration. Microwave alone provides direct mind control.

The ultimate key to freeing our collective ‘leg’ from the trap might be to embrace the spiritual ‘dimension’ — in principle if not in formal practice. But that includes aspects quite challenging to convention, including the consideration that reality is a perceptual illusion we participate in creating. And when we point the finger, three point back.

Susceptibility to deprivation of personal sovereignty, and tolerance/embrace of serious threats to planet, life and health, suggest a collective psychospiritual imbalance, or form of mental illness unrecognized as such. Normalized, actually.

Lacking a remarkable shift in mass consciousness, which implies a corresponding widespread rejection of all wireless systems and devices – tools of the controllers – the future looks dim for planet and humanity ‘on the ground.’

Easing up on “thing happiness” – that is, the toxic, planet-killing Elite construct called the consumer orgy – won’t hurt, either. Nor would modulating, with a touch of Wisdom, the relentless onslaught of technology per se, especially digitalism.

The Power Hierarchy

Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacturing are afraid of somebody, afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. – Woodrow Wilson, “The New Freedom” (1913).

No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine. – William Blum (RIP, 12/9/18), U.S. foreign policy critic; formerly, State Department.

Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it. – John Lennon

Note Lennon said “society,” not just government. All key venues, as researchers cited herein reveal – from politics, academia and science to media and entertainment – are infiltrated by operatives of the “insane.” A more specific term might be psychopathic. Even satanic, but, at the top, not in the usual sense.

If you want to control outcomes, it’s best to control key players and factors on both/all ‘sides,’ not just one. The structure of the international power pyramid facilitates this. Below is a cropped diagram of a “Power Pyramid” from p.178 of David Icke’s book …and the Truth Shall Set You Free (TSF), 1995.

Formed over thousands of years, the hierarchy is compartmentalized, need-to-know at any level below top, with generally descending awareness of the big picture, including no idea at all (most levels). There are pecking orders and levels of awareness within ‘compartments.’

Not all categories are covered in the diagram, it’s just an illustration. One baseline category of Elite fronts not included are think tanks and foundations, often called non-governmental organizations – ‘NGOs’. Although, strictly speaking, organized crime is not – oh, wait, check that! 🙂 Stinky examples of each kind respectively are American Enterprise Institute – AEI, and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation.

The ultimate force within the Global Elite section is what Icke calls Prison Warder Consciousness (more later). On p. 179, he’s not sure of the pecking order below that within the ‘capstone,’ but the highest level is of shadowy people out of public view.

The Elite’s power stems from their misuse of esoteric knowledge and their conscious connection to their ‘gods’, the Prison Warders. … I am naming the pawns, gofers and super gofers of this small group of people I call the Super Elite, the Black Magicians.

Only a relative few may be ‘in on it’ at any level, however. The many players at lower levels who don’t realize what they’re part of, or where it’s really going, may be driven by a variety of exploitable personal motives – some innocently noble, others quite unsavory. Depending on circumstances, different entities within a section may become the lead in a given operation. Ongoingly, all sections are in play at once in: The System.

From the top comes overarching policy and operations to be carried out downline. Virtually never would that level participate in operational levels below. This provides a ‘layer’ of insulation. ‘Taking out’ visible ‘perps’ at lower levels is like cutting heads off Hydra. New ones ‘grow’ quickly, and the system remains essentially intact.

Not to say conventional justice shouldn’t be brought, but to be satisfied with it is recipe for ultimate failure. Obviously, the controllers may be thwarted here and there, but generally speaking, with so many avenues open to them, it barely causes a ripple in the overall Agenda.

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root. – Henry David Thoreau

The compartments immediately below the pyramid peak comprise a small ‘army’ that turns policy into plans for change. It’s rather like a military command. Stepping out of line is not recommended, because most denizens/operatives in the sub-Elite levels are expendable, although may not realize it – example: Saddam Hussein.

Here’s an instructive two-dimensional view of a ‘pyramid’ from Thrive (cropped). Examine it for an anomaly before reading below (zoom in). This one includes the All Seeing Eye. P. 179 TSF: [the Black Magicians] are the controllers of the All-Seeing Eye cult, which is the force behind the Global Elite and those who are manipulating the New World Order into being.

Can the reader see the ‘error’? Those big Wall Street banks the box points to are not the “US version of the International Central Banking scam”. That’s “the Fed,” a cartel also privately owned. There are 12 branches in the US, and each is named “Federal Reserve Bank of (city).” It’s overseen by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in DC.

As Icke details in his books, the pyramid allows Power to control the ‘yeas’ and ‘nays’ in politics; major decisions in banking, business and finance; media content; academia, and so on. One might think this impossible at first, but it helps to remember they’ve been at it for thousands of years, gradually, invisibly shaping techno-human society to their purpose.

A tome called Burke’s Peerage (currently 4500 pages) traces royal and aristocratic bloodlines, many of which serve Power. For example, the Bush line derives from Egypt’s Ramses II. Almost all US Presidents (at least 34) hail back to three Royals – King Edward III, King Alfred the Great, and Charlemagne, most to the latter two. However, opponents in 1996, Clinton and Dole, are distant cousins traceable to King Henry III, as are the two Harrison presidents.

Even Dick Cheney and Barack Obama are related 🙂 John Kerry and GW Bush are cousins (and ‘Bonesmen’ – more below). Elite ‘bloodliners’ Churchill and FDR were cousins. Combatants in WW I, Tsar Nicholas II and Kaiser Wilhelm were cousins, and both related to Queen Victoria. A big, happy family of Power servants.

The ultimate fate of the Romanov family in Tsarist Russia, a violent, bloody slaughter by the Bolsheviks, is another, excellent, example of the expendability principle.

Below is an interesting view of a Power hierarchy with good detail, credit to Activist Post subscriber and frequent commenter voza0db. It’s especially good for its Control section, suggesting what Antony Sutton reveals (below) about infiltration. It also shows the overriding influence of private banks – more importantly, the families that control them.

Questionable for me in this one is the inclusion of Yin/Yang among “Religions,” when it’s about ancient Chinese philosophy, science and medicine. Those disciplines are based on what ancient seers divined as the energetic Nature of Being. Yin/Yang will be revisited.

Although some spiritual traditions, such as Yoga, have religious roots, some styles, such as Hatha – or what is sometimes called Kundalini – Yoga, are focused on the ‘subtle energy’ system underlying our apparent physical being. That is, although senses convey the impression of physical being, we are beings of Light and subtle energy.

Later we’ll meet a unique individual who combined Yoga and physics to suggest that where we exist is within “Universal Consciousness.” And though there is meditation in Yoga, there’s no appeal to a deity to ‘hear’ and make things go a certain way.

Whereas, religious adherents believe they’re outside of and separate from God, separate from each other and all apparently external objects; and that only prescribed beliefs and behaviors will save them from eternally distressing outcomes. As it happens, in this mode, Power has them right where it wants them.

The diagram represents the view that the Rothschild banking dynasty is the top of the Global Elite. Icke is not so sure – or was not in TSF 1995. He says the force behind the Rothschilds is “right up there,” but they’re probably not at the top and might have at one time been taking orders from a level up.

Researchers see hierarchy configuration differently. For example, some who see Rothschilds at the peak say that below them were/are a Council of Thirteen, a Council of Thirty-Three, and one called the Committee of 300 – aka the Olympians. Better for our purposes just to get the general picture and consider them all Power servants. It’s mostly academic, anyway.

Servants of Power were the driving force behind what official history of Western “Civ” calls the “Colonial Period,” wherein white techno-nations went about the globe exploiting, invading, altering and devastating darker-skinned, low-tech and tribal ones. The creation of the USA was same – with a special purpose: “Colony” ceased only apparently via the Declaration, Revolution and that goddamned piece of paper,” as Dubya Bush called the Constitution.

Colonies do not cease to be colonies because they are independent. – Benjamin Disraeli

The “Revolution” simply took the country from overt to covert control by Crown/Aristocracy. A grand illusion of independence and freedom (more later).

Everyone’s heard the saying, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It omits the fact that the already corrupt seek power, and often by any means available. It should not be forgotten.

Trilateral Commission

We can now ‘magnify’ and examine a ‘chunk’ of Icke’s pyramid. In 1978 was published, Trilaterals Over Washington, by Hoover Institution Distinguished Professor Antony Sutton, with Patrick Wood. The Trilateral Commission (TC), is a ‘task force’ founded in 1973 by stellar citizens David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Its members hold a variety of key positions, forming contingents in the U.S., Japan, and Western Europe – trilateral.

The book identifies the American contingent of its day name by name, and discusses four levels of power, three managed by one or more Trilateral Commissioners (TCom). It’s a web inside a global web of interlocking connections – people in key positions in multiple organizations, implementing policy and steering society toward ever-increasing Elite domination and control.

TC’s three ‘working’ levels are somewhat loosely stratified. Power Holders at the top prepare policy guidelines for the next level. They’re often members of families controlling the private/international banking industry; also, corporate directors. Among this group, one would have found such luminaries as JP Morgan, Rockefellers and their Go-Fer the utterly ruthless psychopath Henry Kissinger. See this story and a nice video thumbnail for who built China.

Next come Propagandists (mostly the media) and Technicians (academics and research directors, who might be called delegators). They conceive and promote specific plans to execute policy forwarded to them with guidelines from from Power Holders. Commissioners at this level found themselves in entities such as Brookings Institution, MIT, Harvard, Center for Defense Information, and the lovely Rand Corporation.

‘Lowest’ on the totem are Operators – the hired hands, who might also be called policy executors. Not really ‘low,’ by any means, as included in this group are powerful Establishment law firms. An example today is O’Melveny & Myers. Military and covert operations also.

Sutton also notes a smaller group, the American aristocracy itself, the rarified level ‘bestowing’ policy on the Power Holders. This would be an organ of what researchers, including David Icke, call the Global Elite (ancient), or Global Financial Elite (more recent).

Through a global secret society network (more below) Elites play IG like pieces on what Brzezinski called The Grand Chessboard (American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives) – 1997. Naturally, it doesn’t say Elite-Facilitated-and-Orchestrated American primacy. That’s the key. Many – some notable – pundits, analysts and historians – including ol’ ‘Zbig’ there – don’t say it, even if they know it.

“Global,” but almost certainly polarized globally, as in competing factions, Western and Eastern. We’re looking at the Western iteration here, but there is almost certainly an Eastern one, probably facilitated by the same Power, as are political parties. Even the central banks of Russia and China are members of the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland – land of high-end corruption. Having a little fun with the chess pieces?

A note on IG: Importantly, it’s an anti-tribal, patriarchal construct. As such, it’s one of several elements in the Elite effort to suppress in society, not female energy itself, which they use, but the balanced, positive expression of it – the more intuitive and loving aspects of human nature. For example, not until the Council of Trent in 1545, did the (Elite-controlled) Catholic Church officially agree that women had souls.

And it took a century in the Land (for) Free for women to be ‘granted’ the vote. The intent is to create a deep imbalance in which male energy dominates, making society more susceptible to manipulation.

As the book was being published, Trilateralists included President Jimmy Carter, VP Walter Mondale, and the Secretaries of State, Defense and Treasury – Cyrus Vance, Harold Brown and Michael Blumenthal respectively. Not to mention good old presidential handler and TC founder Zbig, National Security Advisor. An example of part of the web is a diagram from p. 71 of Trilaterals… (original August Corporation edition)

If you expand/zoom the diagram, you see, for example (left side), that TComs at First National Chicago were also on the boards of Standard Oil Indiana and Florida Light and Power. Together, the three at FNC were connected to ‘OilCo’ and four major utilities. This group would be connected to or contain a Power Holder. Psychopath/Elite policy could then be filtered into all those entities by a very few. It’s one reason I call it the corporate monolith.

Functionally, TC is a ‘stable boy’ of the US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), 1921. Both are integrated with the Elite British-based Round Table secret society, also including Bilderbergs; United Nations; Club of Rome; and Royal Institute of International Affairs, aka Chatham House.

Round Table founders were influenced by John Ruskin at Oxford who favored centralized power, following Plato’s concept of imposing a top-down societal structure, translating to our hierarchical models. They focused on business and international politics as means.

An important article about medical research provides a recent example of a secret-society influence: Chatham House. Icke’s account of Round Table origins is corroborated on p. 131 of Carroll Quigley’s monumental history, Tragedy and Hope.

Full article: How Power Created, Shaped, Manipulates and Controls Techno-Human Society: A Synthesis — Part 1 of 4: The Power Hierarchy

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