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Putin warns west food crisis to lead to a new migrant crisis

Vladimir Putin has warned the west that Europe faces another influx of migrants caused by a global food crisis that is now inevitable.

The Russian President made the comments at a meeting on air transportation and aircraft manufacturing on Thursday.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine prompted western sanctions and an energy squeeze that has left the stability of the global food supply in a precarious state.

Soaring international food inflation led the United Nations to warn that the Middle East is near “breaking point,” with food riots a real possibility.

“People’s resilience is at a breaking point. This crisis is creating shock waves in the food markets that touch every home in this region. No one is spared,” Corinne Fleischer, WFP Regional Director said.

People in western countries like the United Kingdom and America are also facing unprecedented food inflation and skyrocketing energy bills.

Putin laid the blame at the feet of western politicians who are willing to sacrifice their citizens’ interests in order to “enjoy the good graces of their overseas master and overlord.”

Calling such an approach “the opposite of populism,” Putin said, “People are urged to eat less, put on more clothes, and use less heating, give up on travel – presumably for the benefit of the people who are demanding this kind of voluntary deprivation as a sign of some abstract North Atlantic solidarity.”

While Putin blaming the west for the situation would undoubtedly be labeled Kremlin propaganda by legacy media outlets, part of what he says is true.

Earlier this month, billionaire-owned Bloomberg News told Americans to eat lentils instead of meat and allow their pets to die in order to save money.

As we previously highlighted, a government minister also told Germans they should cope with soaring energy costs by merely turning off the heating and wearing warmer sweaters.

Putin blamed the west for decisions that are “pushing the global economy towards crisis,” warning of a huge drop in living standards for westerners in addition to poverty and starvation in the third world.

He also asserted that the sanctions against Russia were “prepared in advance” and would have been imposed anyway “to curb Russia’s development” and to weaken its “industrial, financial and technological potential.”

Article: Putin warns west food crisis will lead to new migrant crisis

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