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Recreation robots use face biometrics to “serve humanity” in U.S., Costa Rica

The AC Marriott hotel in Escazú, Costa Rica, reportedly is using robotics that can scan faces to interface with guests, reports QCostaRica.

Sold by the Costa Rican company Belca Food Service, the Kettybot, CC1 and Flashbot robots provide customer service, room deliveries and surface cleaning.

Belca is part of CIISA Group, a Mexico computer consulting firm. CIISA buys the robots from Pudu in China. Pudu, in turn, only sells its systems in Central America through CIISA.

The Kettybot can map rooms and recognize human face biometrics to act as a server. It can authenticate guests through face scans and can take purchase orders on a touch screen.

The CC1 is a cleaning unit, capable of cleaning 1,000 square meters per hour and the Flashbot can deliver goods that it sterilizes with an ultra-violet light.

Belca reportedly has 45 service contracts and 18 robots in Central America.

Rotender uses face recognition to approve and serve drinks

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, an automated bartender developed by a local startup, Rotender, reportedly is gaining popularity, according to Food on Demand.

About the size of an apartment closet, the self-named Rotender boasts facial recognition for age verification and the ability to pour shots and cocktails in less than 30 seconds. Its carousel holds 16 one-liter bottles, dispensing 350 drinks before requiring a restock.

The machine also scans identification documents.

Rotender CEO Ben Winston told Food on Demand automation can cut wait times at bars in high-traffic venues like sporting events and concerts. It is dispensing drinks in the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, for example.

The company’s efforts are taking place amid a surge in biometrics companies expanding into the hospitality industry.

Article: Recreation robots use face biometrics to serve humanity in U.S., Costa Rica

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