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Russia Duma passes bill authorizing confiscation of property over ‘spreading false information’

Russian lawmakers passed on Wednesday legislation aimed at streamlining the seizure of both monetary assets and properties from individuals found to be in violation of laws pertaining to the dissemination of false information and the ongoing invasion of Ukraine through the first stage of approval. The draft of the legislation was previously announced on Saturday.

Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin announced via his Telegram channel that the bill targeting those committing crimes against Russia’s security has passed the first stage with 395 votes in favor. He added that the legislation aims to confiscate assets and revoke honorary titles from individuals who live comfortably abroad, defaming the country and supporting alleged “Nazis” while feeling immune from justice.

Volodin had earlier revealed on Telegram the details of the bill enabling the confiscation of funds or assets used for alleged criminal activities against Russian security. The legislation reportedly targets offenses specified in Articles 207, 354, and 280 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, 1996. It also addresses false information about the Russian Armed Forces, the incitement of extremism, actions discrediting the Armed Forces, calls for violating Russian integrity, the aiding of non-partner international organizations and advocacy supporting sanctions against Russia.

The proposed law aligns with a broader pattern of censorship measures imposed during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It imposes severe penalties—including up to 15 years in prison—for circulating or reporting “false information” related to the invasion, reflecting a trend of restricting media coverage.

Article: Russia Duma passes bill authorizing confiscation of property over ‘spreading false information’

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