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Russia takes presidency of UN security council

Russia on Saturday assumed the presidency of the United Nations Security Council for the month of April 2023. Russia’s commencement of its leadership role of the 15-member council rotation was unaffected by its ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Currently, Vladimir Putin is facing an arrest warrant for war crimes in Hague. However, at the UN, Russia is in charge of a powerful international body, the security council.

Diplomats acknowledge that Russia’s presidency is in line with protocol. This is because the presidency of the UN Security Council rotates by alphabetical order. In line with this, the presidency does not come with any additional powers other than chairing meetings.

Regardless of Russia’s threats to international peace and security together with its violation of the UN charter, there is little that can be done about it. This is because Russia remains a permanent member of the Security Council and no legal action can be taken to change that.

Ukraine is not expected to attend any council meetings during Russia’s presidency, in protest. They have called for the Russian Federation to be ejected from the security council, on the basis that it has no right to the seat held formerly by the USSR. In the meantime, diplomats expect Russia to conduct a “low-key” presidency. This is to show its respect for UN procedure and protect its standing within the organization, which is already damaged.

Article: Russia takes presidency of UN security council amidst Ukraine backlash

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