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Save the children: Russian kids being bullied and abused over their nationality

Human Rights Organization Save the Children reports that Russian children in Danish schools are being bullied and abused because of their nationality.

After being approached by multiple parents complaining about their kids facing harassment merely for being Russian, Save the Children has embarked on an effort to approach schools and institutions in a bid to raise awareness about the issue.

“We can see that it is a big problem. They are afraid of being dropped off at school in the morning and claim to have a stomach ache,” senior adviser at Save the Children Jon Kristian Lange told Danish broadcaster TV2.

The situation bears hallmarks of the early days of the COVID pandemic, when Asian people faced similar abuse, although in that instance the media reported on it, whereas the press is largely silent or even complicit in the current wave of Russophobia.

According to Lola Møldrup Hansen, a teacher at Bankagerskolen in the town of Horsens, Russian kids are being mobbed, taunted and branded ‘Russian spies.’

Supervisor Vibeke Stensgaard said the hate was creating a negative environment for young children who feel they are under threat.

Lange also highlighted the new trend of online abuse targeting Russians.

“One of the things that needs to be focused on is this strange ridicule online of being Russian, such as dancing ugly like a Russian or memes where people look evil like a Russian,” he said.

As we highlighted earlier, deranged but prominent voices in Ukraine are now brazenly calling for the genocide of Russian children.

The legacy media and cultural institutions are entirely responsible for the wave of Russophobia that has swept the world since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Ordinary Russians who have absolutely nothing to do with the Putin government are being roundly demonized by the very same entities that constantly virtue signal about the need to not blame entire races or religions for the actions of a relative few.

Unless those people are white Europeans of course, then it’s open season.

Article: Save the children: Russian kids being bullied and abused over their nationality

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