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‘Samsung OLED’ tech integrates biometric fingerprint and health sensors into display panel

By Alessandro Mascellino

Samsung Display has revealed new advancements in biometric technology at the SID Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles (running May 23-25).

In particular, the company is showcasing its new Sensor OLED Display, a technology that directly integrates biometric fingerprint and health sensors into the display panel.

The Sensor OLED Display relies on an embedded light-sensing organic photodiode (OPD) within the panel structure, eliminating the need for separate sensor modules beneath the display.

The integration allows the display to recognize fingerprints anywhere on the screen, enabling seamless user authentication and offering new possibilities for future smartphones and tablets.

Additionally, the display can measure heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels by analyzing the reflected OLED light from the user’s fingers, paving the way for new health tech applications.

In addition to the Sensor OLED Display, Samsung Display also showcased other remarkable display technologies at SID Display Week 2023.

These include the Rollable Flex, an expandable display that can roll and unroll along an O-shaped axis and the Flex In & Out, a smartphone concept that allows inward and outward folding.

Source: Biometric Update

Alessandro Mascellino is a freelance multimedia journalist focusing on emerging technologies. His work has been featured on The Independent, The Mirror Online, and The Sun, among others. Alessandro is also the author of TÉKUNI, a newsletter about technology in Japan.

Article: Samsung OLED tech integrates biometric fingerprint and health sensors into display panel 

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