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Scottish demonstrators burn energy bills in protest

Scottish demonstrators have been recorded burning energy bills in protest of an 80% price cap increase on annual energy bills.

In a video, demonstrators can be seen tossing their energy bills into burning barrels in the middle of the street while a crowd of supporters cheer them on. The demonstrators then proceed to break out into song, singing “the bills are on fire.”

As reported by Sky News, the energy regulator Ofgem has confirmed that it plans to raise the price cap on household energy to £3,549 per year, up from £1,971 (an 80% increase), which is expected to devastate the lives of millions.

“This is simply unaffordable for millions. It cannot be allowed to go ahead. This rise must be cancelled, with the UK gov and energy companies then agreeing a package to fund the cost of a freeze over a longer period, coupled with fundamental reform of the energy market,” tweeted First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.

The price cap increase comes less than half a year since the last hike, which saw the price cap on energy increase by 54%. Before the pandemic, energy prices were hardly over £1,000 per year. However, prices began rising in the summer of 2021, and with the latest rise, home energy prices will have tripled in just over a year.

Moreover, financial experts expect the situation to worsen, with forecasts showing that the annual energy price cap could exceed £6,000.

“Make no mistake, if today’s announcement goes ahead, it will plunge millions into fuel poverty this winter and crash the economy,” said Glasgow councillor Matt Kerr.

“People have had enough,” he continued, “and we refuse to tolerate the incompetence and indolence of our governments in the face of a crisis they have the power to solve. Those in government have a decision to make – do all in their power to reverse this, or accept responsibility for the destruction of lives that will follow.”

“If government refuses to use their power, the people will use theirs.”

Article: Scottish Demonstrators Burn Energy Bills in Protest

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