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‘Scylla’ deploys face biometrics for ‘Dronedek’ autonomous delivery security

Facial recognition solution provider Scylla has entered a new partnership with Dronedek, a company providing automated delivery services. Scylla’s face biometrics tools will be deployed to authenticate customers as they pick up parcels from Dronedek lockers, and the companies said they will explore further applications of the technology in the future.

“We took note of how Scylla provides users with some of the best and most reliable access control and biometric technologies in the markets today,” comments Dronedek Chairman and CEO Dan O’Toole.

Dronedek says it plans to use Scylla’s facial recognition services in certain phases of upcoming pilots.

The company launched its inaugural pilot program in Lawrence, Indiana, earlier this week, in which it delivered First-Class mail to Dronedek smart mailboxes, powered by Oracle.

“Our team has been exploring a myriad of access options from QR codes to keys to app-based and the one that gets us the most excited is the idea of facial recognition and being able to unlock the right smart mailbox just like we can with our cell phones now,” O’Toole adds.

According to Kris Greiner, Scylla’s VP of global sales, the choice of using biometrics for securing mailboxes is rooted in Dronedek’s view that the technology is both secure and user-friendly.

“We are excited to partner with Dronedek and their ground-breaking drone package receiving and storage technology,” Greiner says.

“We believe the integration with Scylla’s powerful face recognition technology will help further bolster drone security and provide exceptional customer experience to Dronedek’s clients.”

Beyond facial recognition, Scylla also offers a number of computer vision security services, including gun detection, perimeter intrusion detection, and ‘behavior recognition,’ among others.

Dronedek is reportedly the first U.S. company to complete a pilot in which First-Class mail is delivered to a smart mailboxes provider by a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier using drones.

More generally, certain technologies used by drones, including time of flight (ToF) image sensors and laser drivers are also often deployed for face recognition applications.

Article: Scylla deploys face biometrics for Dronedek autonomous delivery security

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