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AI-powered data privacy and security company ‘Securiti’ releases platform to provide unified controls

The proliferation of network configurations has added new layers of complexity to digital security. As enterprises embrace approaches like multi-cloud deployments and APIs, it can be more difficult than ever to maintain a broad view of the most sensitive data and detect attacks.

But for Securiti CEO Rehan Jalil, the evolution in network architecture represents a big opportunity for companies to embrace a more unified approach to data management and security. To address this emerging challenge, Securiti today announced the release of its new privacy and control platform.

The goal is to unify data security, privacy, governance, and compliance across all types of networks. This is particularly critical as more sensitive data moves online, creating even more enticing targets for hackers.

“Data brings two big O’s,” Jalil said. “One big O is the opportunity, and we all know about it. But the other big O is the obligations. And those obligations are tied to making sure that you can keep it secure.”

The company also announced that Cisco had invested an undisclosed amount as part of a security partnership. In a blog post, Cisco Investments director Prasad Parthasarathi wrote that Securiti had made big strides toward overcoming the fragmented approach to security. The deal is also part of Cisco’s growing investment in security.

“The issues of security, privacy, governance, and compliance for sensitive assets and data have been addressed in separate silos,” he wrote. “Legacy architectures have proven to be ill-equipped to handle all these needs, particularly at today’s hyperscale environments with data across hundreds of different types of data systems.”

Rather than taking a piecemeal approach to different aspects of data security, the company set out two years ago to build a broad platform, Jalil said. He described the company’s approach as creating a “cyber mesh of a perimeter of security around the data wherever it exists.”

With the expanding number of environments, data is becoming increasingly distributed, making it a bigger challenge to manage security, privacy, and compliance. This has given rise to a market of solutions known as Data SPaC.

“Often these things are done in silos,” Jalil said. “But our company provides all three capabilities.”

The key to enabling that is the company’s sensitive data intelligence (SDI) technology, which helps automate the creation of the security perimeter while building a framework around how data is being used internally. Using artificial intelligence, the SDI discovers, classifies, tags, and catalogs sensitive data that can be found scattered across all cloud environments and on-premises.

Once the company has a unified view of that data, Securiti’s tools can help do everything from monitoring to protection and remediation.

In addition to catching Cisco’s eye, Securiti has landed on CB Insights’ list of the 100 most innovative AI companies. The company has also raised $81 million in venture capital to date.

Article: Securiti releases AI-powered data privacy and security platform to provide unified controls


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