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Things you should know about the plan to implement a social credit system

There are many distractions around at the moment (wars, storms, the soap opera that is the British royal family and increasingly hysterical and absurd Covid propaganda) but the really important news is going largely unnoticed. Our remaining freedom is disappearing rapidly.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

  1. In the UK, the Home Office wants new powers requiring internet companies to monitor and look for ‘legal but harmful’ content. Priti Patel, the UK Home Secretary, wants to change the forthcoming online safety bill.If she gets her way the changes will mean that internet platforms will be responsible for content which is not illegal but which is not `approved’. If these proposals go through the communications regulator, Ofcom, would have the power to insist that internet companies monitor all communications – looking for material which users might consider abusive or harmful.The companies will have to look for anything which might arouse disapproval from the woke, the politically correct and the BBC. Anyone hosting user-generated content would be liable.The Home Office’s new plans are close to the legislation existing in China. The intention is clearly to control the internet and remove all remaining freedoms. Similar legislation is being introduced around the world. See my video entitled: `When will they shut down the internet?’ which was published on 30th June 2021.
  2. Peter Thiel, the German-American billionaire tech investor and co-founder of PayPal, has in the past (according to New Yorker magazine) argued that modern life is much too convoluted for truly democratic participation. PayPal has, of course, been clamping down on truth-telling websites using their payment process to raise money. Thiel has funded research into artificial intelligence. He is on the board of directors of Facebook. His work in data analysis is said to have been backed by the Central Intelligence Agency. Thiel is said to be a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg group.
  3. Citizens who have not been jabbed with the mRNA poison are already being denied health care in the UK, the US and other countries.
  4. In Canada, Trudeau is introducing an ‘anti-hate’ bill which will allow people to pre-emptively sue if they feel they are about to hear something hateful. Read that sentence again. This is what the woke and the politically correct lunatics have led us to. People in Canada will be able to sue if they think they may be about to be offended.
  5. In Wales, selected citizens will be given the national average wage. They will be allowed to keep the money (believed to be around £20,000 a year) on top of anything they earn. But if they don’t want to do any work they don’t have to. This is an absurdly generous version of Universal Basic Income. (I can’t help wondering how much services to other citizens will have to be cut in order to pay for this social experiment.)

Article: Things you should know about the plan to implement a social credit system 

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(UN General Assembly, 1948) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: 1. All human beings are free and equal 2. No discrimination 3. Right to life 4. No slavery 5. No torture and inhuman treatment 6. Same right to use law 7. Equal before the law 8. Right to be treated fair by court 9. No unfair detainment 10. Right to trial 11. Innocent until proved guilty 12. Right to privacy 13. Freedom to movement and residence 14. Right to asylum 15. Right to nationality 16. Rights to marry and have family 17. Right to own things 18. Freedom of thought and religion 19. Freedom of opinion and expression 20. Right to assemble 21. Right to democracy 22. Right to social security 23. Right to work 24. Right to rest and holiday 25. Right of social service 26. Right to education 27. Right of cultural and art 28. Freedom around the world 29. Subject to law 30. Human rights can’t be taken away