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Top 8 technologies emerging today

Today’s fast paced world relies on technology. ”Tech and Tech everywhere”.

Right from the moment we wake up, switching off the alarm, brewing the coffee, getting ready, then heading towards the office, all these activities bend towards what? You know right! Life without technology is impossible and we must accept the fact that computers and laptops are an important source of livelihood. The future depends on person’s ability to adapt and move with the advancement of technology.

With the mission of not letting the fear of missing out within you, here are 8 technologies that are emerging today and will create the base of the future world.

Top 8 technologies that are changing the face of world

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

Artificial Intelligence is a concept where machines are designed to act smart just like the human brain. Humans have the ability to react to situations with an informed decision and take action accordingly. In the same way AI used algorithms that act itself in situations like humans.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are often used interchangeably but we need to understand that machine learning is a set of algorithms which make artificial intelligence a reality. It is based on collecting and storing data and using them to give results based on inputs given by the user. In short, Machine learning stores data and reacts when a user gives input based on previous experiences while AI uses data, knowledge and learns how to apply them.

Let’s understand these concepts with the help of example and get clarification about their differences. We use Siri and Alexa. They respond only when we tell them to do so. It means we have to give them input in order to get our work done. On the other hand, online shopping and social media platforms utilize users data, buying preferences, web search history and use them to conclude an organized information, then give us the recommendations to make our experience more interesting.

2. Internet of Things (IOT)

IOT is a concept of connecting two or more physical devices in a network with the help of an internet sensor or any other Technology. IOT enables device to device communication. Today what we call smart devices, they all are IOT-enabled. There are various other applications of IOT like industrial IOT, logistics transportation IOT, enterprise IOT and so on.

The most common and easy to stuff the concept of IOT with an example is smart home appliances that can be connected with mobile apps and can be operated from anywhere within a defined area. Companies provide these facilities to attract their customers to buy products and simplify their lives like smart AC, smart microwaves, smart car features and many more.

3. Blockchain

I’m sure you have heard of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and many of you might be investing in it. Well, these buzz words exist and work because of blockchain technology. Blockchain can be described as a universal ledger that records all transactions in the form of blocks and these blocks are integrated and these information blocks are connected to one another so if someone wants to change the record then he has to disturb the whole chain which is very difficult to do.

Apart from digital currencies, blockchain technology is used in the logistic industry widely as it provides tracking information fast and efficiently to maintain transparency.

4. AR & VR

AR augmented reality technology gives users an experience of the physical and real world using computers or mobile phones. It is generally used in businesses such as the medical construction and education sector. Real setups are costly and time consuming so a virtual setup can be used to explain the concept effectively.

Now have you seen children in the shopping malls doing some weird things by wearing a headset? well that is typical in example of VR virtual reality so we typically use headset to give real world experience to the users. It is mostly used for gaming and adventure purposes to make it interesting for users to experience the real world.

5. 5G Network Service

Since the evolution of the internet, we have experienced 1G, 2G, 3G network and now we are using 4G i.e. Generation. With the changing digital signature your demand for more effective and fast networks is on rise.

To meet the demand 5G has cleared its way to be ready to use it will give Higher multi gbps peak data speed with more reliability, increased availability and a more uniform user experience.

It has the potential to support millions of devices and transform the lives of people around the world. But debates are going on by export as it is outlined that the use of 5G will increase cancerous cellular stress and increase in harmful free radicals and memory deficit.

Researchers are requested to publicly report on the use of 5G technology and the impact of radiation emitted by it in order to ensure accountability and safe use of 5G technology for the future.

6. Cyber Security

As the world is moving ahead in the digital era, cyber crimes are an equivalent threat to users so to strike out this threat cyber security is very necessary.

Cyber security is a practice of protecting computers, server mobile devices, electronic system networks and data from going into the wrong hands and protecting them from malicious attacks.

Businesses use cyber security against cyber attacks, data breaches and of unauthorized user access to meet the regulatory compliance rules of the government in order to maintain their continuity.

7. Data Science

Today, we talked a lot about data data privacy and data leak by companies so what is this data and how it is used by companies. Data includes all the information about a user from their name, mobile number, web search history, shopping preferences their likes, dislikes and everything.

So this data is used by data scientists take collect information, apply algorithms, organize analyze them and find a conclusion from them in order to give a smooth and filtered experience to users.

we frequently noticed the type of content shows up in front of us when we like similar content on recommendations shown on shopping and OTT platforms based on a search history.

Sounds interesting! there is a lot of scope of data scientist in career if one is good with numbers and technology.

8. RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA is a software technology that makes repetitive task easy by using artificial intelligence.

Robots or bots are trained to work like humans but with fast speed, 100% reliability and precision, cost reduction, greater accuracy. These bots are designed to do daily routine and small tasks like copy paste, script, web data, make calculations, open and move files, parse emails, login to programs, extract & organize data and so on.

This technology is mostly used in the business world where minor and time-consuming work can be done by bots so that executives can focus on core work and focus on innovation and building strategies in order to increase ROI (Return on Investment) of the companies.


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