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U.K. government arrests just 0.3% of illegal boat migrants

The UK government has arrested just 0.3 per cent of illegal boat migrants despite passing a law that makes it a crime to arrive in the UK without proper permission.

“Fewer than 100 people who crossed the English Channel in small boats have been arrested for arriving illegally in the UK under a new power to deter them,” reports BBC News.

Back in June, the Home Office passed a new law that stated anyone arriving in the UK without good reason or proper permission would be arrested and jailed for four years.

Despite the law being passed to supposedly deter migrants from making the crossing, the fact that it has gone almost entirely unenforced has failed to disincentivize the illegals from making the crossing from France.

The pathetically low arrest rate underscores the utter failure of the Conservative government to deal with the problem.

Over 40,000 asylum seekers have arrived via boat this year alone, a significant increase on previous years, with the vast majority comprising economic migrants, not genuine refugees.

As Nigel Farage highlighted, despite the UK currently being in the grip of a relatively severe cold snap, boats full of illegal migrants keep arriving.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that at least four out of ten of the migrants arriving on boats originate from Albania, a country not at war.

As we have exhaustively documented, the government is spending around £7 million pounds of taxpayer money per day to house them in 4 and even 5 star hotels.

The situation is becoming so dire, that even hotels in prime tourist locations are now being used to house the migrants.

Hotels are contacting guests who had booked wedding events months in advance and canceling on them with no notice.

People living near the hotels have reported the usual problems with anti-social behavior, violence and sexual harassment.

An Eritrean migrant living in a hotel near Wigan was jailed for 9 years after raping a 37-year-old woman late at night.

Full article: UK Government Arrests Just 0.3 Per Cent of Illegal Boat Migrants

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