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U.K. Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies already preparing for another lockdown in October

Despite the vaccine rollout now having covered almost all adults, the UK government is already preparing for another lockdown in October which will also see the reintroduction of mandatory mask rules.

It truly never ends.

“The member of the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) said the UK is about to enter “an extended peak” of infections and hospitalisations, which are in danger of pushing the NHS beyond breaking point and could force the Government to re-introduce restrictions over the school half term period at the end of next month,” reports inews.

The same SAGE advisors whose dire predictions proved spectacularly wrong are once again hyping the threat of NHS hospitals “overflowing” due to increased COVID cases and the impact of the flu season.

“Boris Johnson is also believed to be prepared to re-introduce mask wearing and social distancing inside public spaces and on transport as early as this month in a move designed to stem hospital admissions and prevent the UK’s fourth lockdown,” states the report.

In other words, the population is yet again going to be forced to muzzle up as part of a mass conformity social engineering scheme despite studies proving that face masks provide no statistically significant protection against COVID.

As we previously highlighted, Dr Colin Axon dismissed face masks as “comfort blankets” that do virtually nothing, noting that the COVID-19 virus particle is up to 5,000 times smaller than the holes in the mask.

This of course no longer matters because the UK government isn’t “following the science,” they’re merely creating justifications for the rollout of weaponized population control measures.

The report adds that all the measures imposed during the first lockdown, including the closure of all but ‘essential’ shops, travel restrictions, limits on guests in private homes, and a “full, but short term closing of the economy” are all being readied for rollout once again.

A government source told the news outlet, “If the current high levels of admissions for Covid continue the NHS will not be able to cope, so a firebreak lockdown is by no means out of the question.”

In other words, the wonderful “envy of the world” socialized NHS healthcare system will once again prove it’s not fit for purpose, and million Brits will be placed under another debilitating, draconian lockdown.

89 per cent of Brits over the age of 16 have had at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, but even this exercise in mass compliance will not prevent them from being subjected to yet another lockdown – because the first three worked so well.

Get ready for the lockdown to be blamed on the unvaccinated, greasing the skids for yet more rules which will decree those who don’t take the jab remain under lockdown forever.

Meanwhile countries like Belarus and Sweden, which never imposed a hard lockdown, continue to recover from the pandemic without repeatedly placing their citizens under de facto house arrest.

Article: UK Government Already Preparing For Another Lockdown in October

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