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(US3884218A) Method of inducing and maintaining various stages of sleep in the human being

A method of inducing sleep in a human being wherein an audio signal is generated comprising a familiar pleasing repetitive sound modulated by an EEG sleep pattern. The volume of the audio signal is adjusted to overcome the ambient noise and a subject can select a familiar repetitive sound most pleasing to himself.

“An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a device for measuring the fluctuation of electrical potentials due to the electrical activity of the brain. It has been found, through the use of the EEG, that various patterns are generated during different states of consciousness of the human being.”

” Extreme alertness is associated with a low voltage, generally fast and irregular, of 10 to 20 microvolts amplitude and frequencies ranging from 10 to 40 cycles per second. Relaxed alertness is accompanied by an alpha rhythm, which is a regular sinusoidal rhythm with a frequency between 8 to 13 cps.”


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