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(US8357079B2) Devices for initiating positive thinking

A device for initiating positive thoughts in an individual wherein the positive thought is not an implanted post-hypnotic suggestion. The device comprises housing for an energy source and an electronic circuit connected to an energy source affixed within the housing. The electronic circuit has an alerting means and a means for controlling the alerting means. The alerting means notifies the individual a determined number of times over a given period in an apparent random manner at a frequency of 10-12 Hz.


According B. F. Skinner (Skinner, B. F. (1953). Science and Human Behavior. New York: The Free Press), a response followed by a reinforcer, such as a reward, is strengthened and more likely to occur again. Because the user of this device is self-motivated, the “reward” in this case is intrinsic rather than external, the intrinsic reward being the thoughts or thought patterns for example, positive feelings generated by the user as a result of his actions.


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