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Washington state is banning non-electric cars by 2030

As 1984 gains a firmer grasp on the modern world, one recent bill has caused it to spread its reach even further: a bill inserted within Washington state’s $16.9 billion “Move Aside Ahead Washington” package. This new piece of paper, signed by Washington governor Jay Inslee on March 25, now makes it so that police will enforce all vehicles sold, purchased, or registered within the state to be electric vehicles by 2030.

Sec. 415. (1) A target is established for the state that all publicly owned and privately owned passenger and light-duty vehicles of model year 2030 or later that are sold, purchased, or registered in Washington state be electric vehicles.

(2) On or before December 31, 2023, the interagency electric vehicle coordinating council created in section 428 of this act shall complete a scoping plan for achieving the 2030 target.

According to Inslee, this bill will “create more efficient transportation options,” as he says that “Transportation is our state’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. There is no way to talk about climate change without talking about transportation.”

Inslee went on to add, “This package will move us away from the transportation system our grandparents imagined and towards the transportation system our grandchildren dream of.”


electric cars

“It’s the transportation system I always DREAMED of, Grandpaw!”

Included within the bill are taxpayer funds for thousands of electronic vehicle charging stations throughout the state, as well as funding for four new hybrid-electric ferries.

Regular readers of The Organic Prepper are likely already familiar with the United Nation’s Agenda 21. You’re likely already familiar with how this is nothing more than a thinly-veiled excuse for throwing the nations of the world into complete and utter slavery. The fingers of Agenda 21 are long and are likely firmly rooted even within your own city council.

Make no mistake, electric vehicles aren’t about saving anything. They’re about turning you into a slave – an individual who must grovel at the feet of those who are fortunate enough to have become politicians – those responsible for nothing more than protecting the life, liberty, and property of those whom they serve.

Full article: Washington state is banning non-electric cars by 2030 

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