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Yemen armed forces confirm attacks on Israel following prior missile launch

The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces released a statement Wednesday confirming they launched drones at targets in Israel. Yahya Sare’e further pledged the armed forces’ commitment to the Palestinian people, denouncing Israel’s recent attacks on the Gaza Strip.

This action by the Yemen Army follows reports from Tuesday that the Houthi rebels, who have been rebelling against Yemen’s official government for almost two decades and hold significant power in northern Yemen, launched initial strikes against Israel. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) claimed it “intercepted an aerial threat” near the Red Sea following this declaration.

IDF spokesman Daniel Haggard confirmed in a press briefing that the IDF continues to aim airstrikes at buildings occupied by targets in Gaza. In total, the IDF claims it has hit more than 11,000 targets with various military tactics. He further certified there are at least 240 Israeli citizens held hostage by Hamas. These increasing military actions show further escalation in the Israel-Hamas war, with the IDF increasing its efforts with ground, air and naval forces.

Earlier this week, the IDF confirmed it killed Ibrahim Bari, who they claim was an essential figure in carrying out Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel, which killed more than 100 Israeli citizens. Meanwhile, the Palestine Ministry of Health website continues to be inaccessible due to the loss of Internet and phone access in the area. As the conflict continues to expand into other territories, Amnesty International accused Israel of using white phosphorous in Lebanon.

Article: Yemen armed forces confirm attacks on Israel following prior missile launch

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