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‘Youtube’ censors livestreams of Canadian trucker protests for being too popular

YouTube censored multiple livestreams of the Canadian trucker protest in Ottawa over the weekend by limiting their viewership for being too “popular.”

Viewers were met with a statement saying, “Video unavailable: This video is popular! Due to limited creator history, we’re limiting the number of viewers. Subscribe to this channel to help this creator reach a broader audience.”

It happened yesterday evening to YouTuber UOttawaScotty on his video, “Freedom Convoy 2022 Ottawa, Live Feed.”

It also happened to YouTube livestreamer Cunuda Murica on his video, “Canada Trucker Freedom Convoy Saturday 2022 Live #Ottawa #freedomconvoy #raw #gimbalfootage.”

Both videos are currently up and watchable while logged out.

This new censorship scheme allows YouTube to not only limit the number of viewers to a livestream but also track who is watching.

Article: Youtube censors livestreams of canadian trucker protests for being too popular

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