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57 shools of yoga

01. The axiomatics of yoga. Theory and philosophy of yoga. Fundamental principles of yoga. Types of knowledge. Instincts. Stupidity. Logic. Super logic. Higher intuition.
02. Vedas and yoga. The Vedas ancient mystery source of yoga. Classical, orthodox yoga based on the Vedas.
03. Hatha yoga. The yoga of static body postures or asanas as the necessary basis for physical mental, intellectual and spiritual self-improvement.
04. Mantra yoga. Yoga of vibrations of speech, thought, prana.
05. Kriya yoga. Yoga of dynamic exercises.
06. Yoga of extension. Cyclic yoga exercises.
07. Yoga Shavasana. Higher yoga of nonexistence. Yoga of relaxation, rest, peace of mind and body.
08. Pranayama yoga. Yoga of the breath.
09. Dhyana yoga. Meditation. Meditation in yoga.
10. Karma yoga. Yoga of work without attachment.
11. Bhakti yoga. Yoga of devotion, emotions and feelings.
12. Raja yoga. The yoga of the rulers.
13. Jnana yoga. The yoga of knowledge.
14. Yatra yoga and the yoga of walking on the paths.
15. Yoga of Moune. The yoga of silence. Meditation of silence.
16. Yoga of Tapas. The yoga of asceticism and self-control.
17. Yoga and purification practices. Shatkarmas.
18. Yoga of nutrition and starvation.
19. Yoga Mudras and Bandhas. Special yoga exercises.
20. Vairagya yoga. Yoga of unconsciousness.
21. Yantra yoga. Yoga of the visual perception of forms.
22. Nada yoga. Yoga of music.
23. Yoga of dreaming. Yoga of dreams.
24. Nidra yoga. The yoga of transitional states of being.
25. Rita yoga. The yoga of the dance of the universe and man.
26. Natya yoga. Yoga of the theater and actors.
27. Nyasa yoga. Yoga of touch.
28. Paired yoga. Yoga with a partner.
29. Yoga of visualization. Yoga of imagination.
30. Kundalini yoga. Yoga of vital energy.
31. Laia yoga. The yoga of dissolving delusions.
32. Chakra yoga. Yoga of body structures.
33. The yoga of Rod. Yoga of remembering the ancestors.
34. The yoga of dying. The yoga of overcoming death.
35. Tantra yoga. Yoga of sexual attraction.
36. Yoga of sexual union. Yoga of sex.
37. The yoga of falling in love. The yoga of giving to the universe.
38. Yoga of man and woman. Tantra triad yoga.
39. Dharma yoga. The yoga of finding the way of life.
40. Artha yoga. The yoga of prosperity and business.
41. Kama yoga. The yoga of the lawful pleasures of life.
42. Moksha yoga. The yoga of liberation.
43. Rasa yoga. Yoga of feelings and emotions.
44. Swara yoga. Yoga of controlling the processes of the world.
45. Prajoga. The yoga of superpowers
46. Yoga Sutra Patanjali. Classical yoga.
47. Anandalahari yoga. Sri Vidya mother of tantras.
48. Advaita Vedanta yoga. Yoga of overcoming maya.
49. Shiva Samhita yoga. Yoga of the devotees of Shiva.
50. Bhagavat gita yoga. Yoga war of duty.
51. Tibetan yoga Naropa. Tantra yoga of buddhism.
52. Shivachandra yoga. Philosophy principles of tantra.
53. Tantra yoga. Shakta and shakti.
54. Tantra yoga. Hymns to the goddess.
55.Tantra mantra yoga garland of letters.
56. Yoga learning from the four parts. Yoga Vaikhari uchcharana-reading aloud. Yoga Lekhana-writing. Yoga Diksha-transmission of knowledge. Yoga Smarana-memories.
57. Yoga Swadhyaya. Yoga of continuous learning and self-education in yoga Patanjali.


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